Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Polarity Locket Saves Motorists...and Marriage....

I received a wonderful little email yesterday from a customer who had recently purchased a magnetic locket from my Polarity shop. Here is her story:

Hey, I LOVE my new necklace. It's about to go into heavy rotation in my jewelry collection. I also thought you'd like to hear...it was helpful as part of replacing my husband's car battery this weekend. Here's the tale: After MUCH swearing, he finally was narrowing down which ratchet to use...and then promply dropped the thing (like 1 in big detachable ratchet part) into the innards of his Jeep. More swearing. I was standing (far back) watching all of this and then remembered that (!) I was wearing a magnet necklace. So, I took off the front cover and lowered the pendant into the Jeep by holding onto the chain. Sure enough, I managed to get the ratchet part out and the battery got changed (eventually and with minimal extra yelling from my man, bless his heart) So, there you go...pretty AND functional! Thanks a bunch!

Just another day in the life of a Polarity recycled magnetic locket ........

Chicken Donation RESULTS

My customers are simply the best! During my 3 day chicken donation on Etsy over Thanksgiving weekend- a chicken donated to worldvision.org which provides a family with a continuing source of nutrition and income - for any customer who purchased 3 items between my 2 shops- the final chicken donation tally was 15! My own little chicken Lucy, who started it all, would be so proud!