Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Amazing Walrus Tusk on Etsy

This week I am introducing you to Jennifer’s incredible Etsy shop Walrus Tusk. If you spend any amount of time on Etsy you have come across her intricate and amazing pieces of beadwork. Jennifer was brought up in the far north in Fairbanks, Alaska where she learned from craftsmen how to adorn the body with beautiful pieces of bead work. She now lives and works in the desert in Arizona. The dry desert air creates such a different environment where she cannot help but be inspired.

I also know the ruddy duck is her favorite bird and she loves Pan’s Labrynth and Pushing Daisies and is a coffee addict (Me, too! Although I am not sure I have ever seen a ruddy duck). Her work is stunning with amazing craftsmanship (she also makes some of my favorite treasuries!). Check her out!


Kella MacPhee Photojournalist said...

wow these are so cool! great artist!

Kitty Wilkin said...

Those are gorgeous! I have a secret dream of one day beading a tapestry (even a tiny, 5"x5" one)... yet I don't know the first thing about beading. These are an inspiration... I have got some learning to do!