Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Bubble Popping Addiction Intervention

Since kiddiedom I have always loved to get a package wrapped in bubble wrap and being able to pop and stomp away. But now that I am a regular user (the glass test tubes I ship pretty much require it) of this plastic eco nightmare (plastic will never biodegrade in a landfill) - I have found a source for the latest biodegradable wrap. A new wrap called Bio-Bubble is oxo-biodegradable; which allows the wrap to break down into water, carbon dioxide and some biomass for mico-organisms in a year or less (that should be enough time for my packages to arrive!) when exposed to sun and water. I am so excited to get my test tubes shipped out safely without having nightmares about the piles of plastic bubbles I am creating! If you don't have any of this addictive wonder around to pop- here is a fresh sheet ....

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