Monday, February 16, 2009

Between the Folds - The Art & Science of Paperfolding

I am anxiously awaiting an inspiring little film for all us math geeks due to hit New York City in May called "Between The Folds". It documents the stories of 10 fine artists, mathematicians and theoretical scientists who have abandoned their careers to forge unconventional lives as modern-day paperfolders. The film also shows how paperfolding or origami (which literally translates in Japanese to fold paper) is being used to encourage peace in the world (yes, peace) as well as its practical applications in scientific research and development. Check out this little preview and keep your eyes posted for its arrival in a city near you.


Kella MacPhee Photojournalist said...

looks very cool!

Golly Bard said...

OOh. Sounds like a great movie. Looking forward to seeing it!