Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Brief History of Brief Moments

I have always been a little afraid of dolls. I'm not going to freak out around your Barbie or anything (well, maybe your Bratz but that's another story), but if you've got one of those old fashioned, eyes that shut when you move it, hair like Drew Barrymore in Firestarter kind of dolls, then I'm not going to stay in the same room with it. No way baby! So when I saw these amazingly adorable (ie terrifying) doll pictures on Etsy I just had to investigate the fearless photographer who had snapped them. After admiring Brief Moments amazingly eclectic and wonderful little corner of Etsy I decided to ask Maribeth about what inspires her and this is what she shared with me - "At first, I thought this was an easy question to answer. Everyday moments inspire me…but then when I really thought about it. Everyday moments are the comfort and peace in my life. Yet, when it comes to being truly inspired, I realized it wasn’t everyday moments that inspire me but instead I’m inspired by change. Change helps me remember what matters most, and it pushes me to adapt and move forward. The change doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or momentous. It can be as simple as rearranging my living room furniture or going on a day trip to a museum. But it does have to be…different, and that difference can be positive and it can be negative. And truthfully, I’d much rather have the positive, but I have to admit, the other has its benefits too. So, though everyday moments are the foundation of my day, change is what fuels my creative life and keeps making me strive to think outside myself and outside my little corner of the world." Hmmm, I notice she didn't mention her scary dolls.

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