Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Climbing out of the Box

At first glance this picture scared the heck out of me- some kind of genetic engineering had produced a more space effective watermelon! Yikes- what's next?! But the story is actually a great example of thinking outside the box (or inside the box in this case!). Small Japanese grocers had a problem. Watermelons, big and round, wasted a lot of space. Farmers told the grocery stores that watermelons grow round and there is nothing that can be done about it. But one Japanese farmer took a different approach. He didn’t assume the problem was impossible to begin with and simply asked himself how it could be done. It turns out that all he needed to do was place the watermelon into a square box when it is growing and it took on the shape of the box! This has got me thinking about my own assumptions, habits (I have saved myself so much time in my studio lately by asking myself if there is a better way I could be doing something), being able to look at problems from a fresh perspective and seeking the possible even in the face of what appears to be the impossible!


Kella MacPhee Photojournalist said...

That is sooo cool!!

twolefthands said...

If only Columbus could see those melons!

Botanical Bird said...

Oh, wow square watermelons!
I've got to try this in my garden this summer...can't wait.

Great blog Cat!
thanks for listing a link to my shop. Will do the same after figure out how to do so.


Anonymous said...

First, I love your inspired writing style. It's only second to your mystical power over the treasuries on Etsy. Second, I'm just so excited about the square watermelons. It's so weird that I love it! Golly

June Shin said...

That is really cool! Reminds me of a Monk episode where scientists created square tomatoes. But that was through genetic engineering, which is a bit scary to me.

ana carina said...

Oh man! This is perfect!!! Thank you for sharing this!