Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Sewed Up

As a closet embroiderer and avid collager I have an intense attraction to the wonderful textile collages we call quilts. Symbolic of warmth, protection (quilts were even worn under armor during the crusades) and a sense of community (particularly female) and family history - quilts in all their classic and modern manipulations can stop me in my tracks (I have been known to go into a kind of quilt-trance which sometimes prevents my bed from getting made).

I recently stumbled upon a modern quilter who reassembles everyday snapshots as refracted fabric visions. Luke Haynes works from photographs and disassembles, digests, and reconstructs images as progressive cloth murals. I think they are pretty cool.

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Jen said...

Great finds! I am so excited to have won your giveaway! Thanks soooo much!

Denny said...

I have a quilt collection that has been in my family forever- some things never go out of style! love the modern ones 2!

Sammi said...

love all these quilts and sewing pieces- etsy has the most amazing artists!