Thursday, March 19, 2009

hiring (?) MODELS

Well, I didn't exactly "hire" them, unless you count the pizza I have promised, but haven't delivered on yet (after all models can't actually eat pizza, right?). At the urging of Noelle, of Xenotees, to get some 'models' in my pics I "hired" these two pretty (and familiar) faces- what cha' think?


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Gorgeous photography! These set such fantastic moods, great acid tones. Your jewelry is definitely suited to this style of photography...Noelle knows a little about great product photography. ;^)

sherry said...

Noelle was right! I love a good model, and these two do suit your work.

I've used my son for my guitar pics, now I just need a pretty girl.

sara girlscantell said...

superfun! i keep thinking i need some fresh faces in my photos - your photography is stunning!

June Shin said...

The photography and models look great!

lyptis said...

Hey you, Those pictures are pretty nice!

I guess a bit different from just the usual ones(not that they arent f*ckin nice tho)

U gonna put them up in ur shop? did i miss something?

And who took them anyways?

lillyella said...

i saw them on your daughters blog - they are fab! And I also saw one of the FP the other day :)
great work! if I give her pizza will she come shoot my wedding?? :)