Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Spring Fashion / Trashion Trends

Here are some more hot spring trends that may spark a creative fire in your belly.

DIGITAL duds with pixelated patterns are going to be everywhere. Even Fendi clutches have bold digital designs that prove it is chic to be geek. Think modern tie-dye with this trend.

Clunky, bold jewelry, computer-age graphics, the dicotomy of digital with softer, lighter fabrics are all pieces of this modern mosaic.
1. Prada
2. FrostCollections
3. Polarity
4. BeadworkByAmanda
5. ChelseaEBird
6. UpcycledJewelry
7. UpcycledJewelry
8. Craftastrophe

Another spring trend is going to be a LOVE FEST with sexy-sweet clothing and accessories.

Jewel-trim headbands and leather clutches, embellished dresses and sky-high platform sandals will be everywhere. Pastels and little hearts will be happening with this style.

Also check out Pantone's new spring colors which will be incorporated into all the trends.

1. Prada
2. 13threads
3. Lillyella
4. Traven7
5. Thebline
6. Lilfishstudios
7. BayouSalvage
8. Bubbletime


Carmen said...

I followed a link to your etsy shop from two different blogs today. I love the collaboration locket sets! I'd totally buy one today if I could! LOVE them.

I'm bookmarking your blog and I'll be back for sure!


eNVe said...

love your trend-spotting posts, Cat! I wish I had time to keep up on the latest.. but thanks to you, I don't have to do all that foot work now. :)