Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Fashion / Trashion Trends

In my effort to stay trendy (who knew!)- I will be dissecting a few spring fashion trends this week in an effort to see how we can integrate what's hot and what's not into our own work. The first trend this spring is called American Pie, but we will just call it spots and dots.

Spots and dots aren't really anything new but are being incorporated into fashion in new ways. Constellation prints, seen on the runway at Marni and Michael Kors, adorn everything from blazers and handbags to dresses and shoes for spring.
1. Dior Dress
2. 3Dots Necklace
3. Amy Singley Earrings
4. Hotelle Motelle Smock Top
5. Apezoppa Hair Comb
6. Brooklit Print
7. Meringue Shop Bag

The old frontier look is new again. Another trend this spring is Pioneers. Plaids, stripes, and faded flower prints; think linen sundresses and chunky wood wedges.

Pieces that feel homespun and are prairie-ready for spring. Not exactly what Laura Ingalls Wilder would wear, but what she would have wanted to wear. The modern prarie look includes ruffles and plaids and crisp, clean lines.

1. Marc Jacobs
2. CourtneysCastle Shoes
3. UndertheRoot Undies
4. Kiskastyle Necklace
5. AnnieandOlive Bracelet
6. AgesPastClothingInc Skirt
7. InfraredGoggles Print
8. Astrums Wicker Bag


Xenotees said...

You have incredible taste Cat! I wish I had mundo piles of money to buy it all!

Clà said...

what a beautiful blog!! Thanks for including my haircomb in it! ..i'll become your reader!! See you!!