Monday, March 16, 2009

this girl's got a PAINT CHIP on her shoulder

I have always wanted a yellow kitchen. I am not sure why. Maybe my first birthday cake was eaten in a yellow kitchen or that popular girl in 4th grade who invited me over for pizza rolls after school had a yellow kitchen. My memory is foggy here, but I know I have always wanted one. I have a picture in my head of this yellow kitchen (of course this picture is of a HUGE yellow kitchen, but I will make do). I know a little bit about color- or maybe I just know what I like, which is maybe all any of us ever need to know about color, so with this picture in my head and my knowledge of color, I head to the paint store. Three paint stores and thirty paint chips later I head home with my little collection of samples, but with a growing feeling of unease that none of these little paint chip yellows is MY yellow. The perfect mustard yellow that my little kitchen needs. The yellow that is in my head. The yellow that will make my little kitchen perfect. So, I hang the little paint chip cards on the kitchen wall and step back. I pace. I chew my nails. I decide to sleep on it. My husband picks a paint chip. My daughter picks a paint chip. I pace ....
1. colour theory 10 - estasketch
2. modern 3D collage - bookeesue
3. create recycled magnetic locket - polarity
4. line 256 southbound - nervousmotion
5. paint chip magnets - claireteschel
6. a paint chip for me - elizaveta
7. chipping paint expressionalism 2- kdukigrl


Steph said...

I had a butter yellow kitchen in my first house and I loved it. We went with a more lemon sorbet shade in this house and I miss the butter color.
Have fun searching.

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

We've got a mustardy yellow in our kitchen! Behr Premium Plus 'Wild Bamboo' We've been really happy with it. We painted it ummmmmm 6 years ago or so, so I don't know if it is still a color they carry by that name.

Hope you find the perfect yellow!