Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

OK, so we sprung our clocks ahead early Sunday morning for Daylight Saving Time and lost an hour on Sunday, but why do I feel like I have been losing an hour every day since? Yes, it is nice to still be seeing the sun at 6:30 pm, but SO hard to get up in the dark. At least for me. I need that morning sunlight to program my sleeping brain to perk up and get those neurons moving! I am not a good sleeper in the best of times and not a good staying asleeper and until my body adjusts to this hour (sometime around the next Daylight Saving Time clock change) not a good getter upper either!

Some Tips To Get Moving In The Morning
1. Get a dog. As long as it has to go out- you have to get up. Juliapott
2. Get a cat. Nothing says good morning like a sandpaper tongue licking your face. Loranscruggs
3. Do yoga. It's the most relaxing way to bring your energy level up. Herbandevi
4. Place a birdfeeder outside your bedroom window. redyellowandblueink
5. Set your alarm clock. Across the room. Pilotdesign
6. Call in late. Uncorked
7. Have children- VERY effective
8. Sleep with someone who gets up earlier than you do.


ThePeachTree said...

Well 7 and 8 are definitely out of the question..... :)

June Shin said...

I did number 8. I haven't woken up with an alarm clock since I moved in with him. It's both good and bad, but the spring back thing has definitely messed up our schedule and still playing catch up.

red yellow and blue ink said...

I never thought I would be part of a wake up routine-(step 4)since for me wakin'up is sooo hard to do. I live with step 8 but that doesn't work. And I'm with you PeachTree on #7. Would love to have to walk a dog....maybe someday. But I will admit the sound of birds chirping definitely helps ease my groggy morning disposition. Thanks olivebites for displaying my bird feeder! you Rock!