Friday, March 20, 2009

you know that JUNK in your trunk?

It is finally the first day of spring (and my sister's birthday!) and those snow flurries outside my window this morning are not keeping me from thinking about those green days ahead. If your head is linking spring and green and spring cleaning like mine you will want to check out Inhabitat's Wonderful Spring Greening Contest to encourage creative reuse. If you have a project in mind to re-furbish, re-purpose and re-think your trash into something amazing AND functional now is the time to make it happen. The winner receives a $200.00 Inhabitat gift certificate. The bad news is that this contest ends in one week (we always put everything off to the last week anyway, right?)- so you've got to get greening! Check back next week to see my entry and check out some amazing examples of re-use available right now from some amazing Etsy shops (plus a couple of my own).
1. repurposed fabric to dress - Infusion
2. wine cork to necklace - Uncorked
3. vinyl banner to wallet - NottyPooch
4. circuit board to keychain - Debby Arem Designs
5. skateboard to coaster - 2ReVert
6. money bag to business card holder - Chakrapennywhistle
7. plastic bags to lunch bags - Copabananas
8. car signage to necklace - dustDesignCo
9. sleeve to wristlet - zJayne
10. car part to bracelet - Polarity
11. doll to clock - IMOTIME


Kella MacPhee Photojournalist said...

ohhh love this contest! gotta think up some ideas! i think your car part locket stands a great chance in winning cat!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

I just found out this morning, per Google Analytics, that my blog is gaining a bit of traffic from yours. I came to check you out...what a wonderful blog--the photos and writing are great! Will be following you...and visiting your Etsy shop, too. :)


twolefthands said...

What a great contest! Good Luck to you! I love that green chair, reminds me of a shopping cart!

uncorked said...

isn't it cool lefty - almost makes me want to sneak home with my shopping cart!

Jenny-RYB Ink said...

I like the humor in items 8 and 11. Thanks for the info on the Inhabitat contest, pretty nice concept and prize!

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Hey there:)

Thank you for including my bizz card holder!

This is such a cool contest! I must have that chair!

lyptis said...

Hey i like those glasses and 'jugs' made from old bottles, now that is a clever idea!

Just have to make shure u polish them well or u gonna friggin cut ur mouth open!:)