Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Show Season

Spent a rainy Saturday recently making two Polarity Locket display cases for the upcoming show season.

Since the lockets are made from little car parts I wanted my new displays to be industrial but totally practical and amazingly cool (if would also be best if the display surfaces had some magnetic areas).

I like to set up 'stations' within my 10X10 booth space that flow from one to the next cohesively but are at the same time eclectic and very visually interesting.

I decided to use metal toolboxes and incorporate my customer mirrors (recycled truck sideview mirrors) into the metal lids. I covered the inner drawer areas with some foam covered fabric and my little Craftsman/Craftwoman is almost ready for show time. I will get some pictures at my first show and post these babies stocked with lockets!


Elizabeth said...

i love that idea!!!

Kella MacPhee Photojournalist said...


Sherry said...


Xenotees said...

Love it Cat!

jenny-red yellow and blue ink said...

I love what you did to alter the tool box-really good idea to go with your new work-thanks for sharing the photos.