Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moms Gone (Almost) Wild

This may not be a big story everywhere, but in New Jersey whatever happens in New York is a big story and I live in New Jersey, so this is big news. A mom, fed up with her bickering tweens (ages 10 and 12), tossed them out of the car at a downtown suburban shopping district, three miles from their home, and drove off.

One kid made it home on her own. The other was picked up by a good samaritan who found her. Now the mom has been arrested and had a temporary order of protection placed against her. Today, the story gets a slightly different twist because apparently the kid who 'made it home on her own' was picked up by the mom who had circled the block. When the mom couldn't find the other kid, after circling a bit more, she went home, waited awhile for her to show up and then called the police, who were already all set to pay the mom a visit.

Now, this mom could be a wonderful mom who did a really stupid thing (yes, wonderful moms sometimes do really stupid things and our kids are resilient enough to survive those stupid things and not end up the human equivalent of dented cans of green beans) or she could be a bad mom who does really stupid things all the time - I don't know. This story does make most moms uncomfortable though, because we have all dreamed of doing something similar or dreamed of tossing the keys to our oldest (who happens to be eight at the time) and taking a nice leisurely walk, sans children, home ourselves, but of course we haven't actually DONE it.

This reminded me of an incident with my own daughter a ways back. She was about the age of the girls in this story and she was not home on time and it was not the first time she was late. I drove to her friend's house to pick her up- which was a few blocks from our own- and I was mad that she was late again. About half way to her friend's house I spied her, walking along the sidewalk in our small town, like she had all the time in the world.

She got in the car and quickly explained to me that her watch had stopped. I said, "give me the watch" and she did. I could see that the watch had stopped and I could also see that the little, windy knob was pulled out (she had the kind of watch that pulling out the little windy knob would make the watch stop working) and I knew that she was a very clever kid ... so I said "you're right, it's broken" and I tossed it out the moving car's window (I wasn't quite as environmentally responsible in those days). She sat there with her mouth open.

Now, this isn't quite the same as throwing HER out of the window and it is not one of my proudest moments but she did get home on time after that (at least for a while) and luckily there were no police around to arrest me for littering (I did, without telling anyone, go back to that spot that night with a flashlight and look for the watch, but never found it).
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eNVe said...

goodness, I can't wait until my kids start testing their lying abilities on my husband and I.. and if they're anything like I was when I was at that age (thinking I could get away with anything), then I should be very worried!

btw, thanks for including my lavender blue earrings in your mothers day recs! You're super, Cat!

Sherry said...

We've been talking about that story too and of course reminded of the not so bright things we done as moms!

Thanks much Cat, for including my believe necklace in your mother's day picks.

Rhymes With Magic said...

Three cheers for your throwing the watch out the window! Here at work we tell our "Meanest Mom in the World" war stories... That one is a worth addition! - Heather

Rhymes With Magic said...

I mean "worthy" addition...

Andrea said...

Throwing her watch out of the window would have been my reaction too. lol It totally made me laugh that you did that.

twolefthands said...

hehe! You are vicious! I think we are all guilty of something sooner or later!

3 squares said...

i'll be sure to tell my almost-13 year old daughter about the watch incident. thanks for the story, Cat.