Sunday, April 12, 2009

counting down ....

UGH, It is almost April 15th- there I have said it out loud!

My hubby and I each have a business and neither has an accountant so even though Quickbooks and Turbo Tax make it alot easier than it used to be, it is still a stressful few days (also because we procrastinate it until those last few days and hours and minutes).

Actually, most of the stress in my life has come through my incredible ability to procrastinate - this is almost a lost art in these hectic times and I pride myself on being a bit of a master.

I am offering 15% off in both my Etsy shops Uncorked and Polarity - now through April 15th- just note April 15th or Tax Day or some such something or other in the comments to seller section and wait for a quick refund!

Now let's just take a deep breath and relax ........................................

1. crystalindumentaria - yoga top
2. aprilhl - peace wall art
3. mountainmamaskitchen - yoga in a can
4. allthosethrees - traveling soul necklace
5. irenesuchoki - simplexity
6. hypnotransformations - relaxation hypnosis
7. uncorked - just breathe bracelet

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jenny-red yellow and blue ink said...

thanks for the different take on procrastination-i am a bit of a master as well-i like your new light on the matter-procrastination being a lost art. Now I don't feel so bad.