Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Fashion / Trashion Trends Finale

This is my final spring fashion trend post and may be my favorite. I remember wearing my girl scout uniform so proudly (pretty sure I would not be wearing it these days - although I do think I am one of the rare women of my generation who look very hot in a snap on tie).

I did cheat a bit now and then on my badges - because I so loved getting them and sewing them onto my sash! I am getting misty eyed just thinking about that sash - ugh!

Anyway, the scouts are back in a big way this season with a trend we will call SCOUT OUT LOUD. The mix of crisp khaki and summer brights coupled with that great Girl Scout green, browns and reds.

1. Reyes
2. KellyIsNice
3. SaraNicoleStorm
4. Calloohcalley
5. Fishlegs
6. SecondSeed
7. CoffeeHouseVintage
8. Reconstructionist


Sherry said...

Well done, says the girl whose mom even saved her brownie uniform. And when I became a girl scout, I loved sewing my badges on too!

Carmen said...

Your lockets are featured in a etsy treasury I made!

I love them!!!