Saturday, May 23, 2009

Popcorn With Xtra Butta Baby

We don't actually eat the popcorn anymore, but it still smells really, really good (and speaking of popcorn although not the movie kind- do you ever ask yourself why all microwaves have a popcorn button and all bags of popcorn come with the specific instruction to not use it- just one more thing to keep us up at night).

Hubby and I used to be big movie people; indie films and blockbusters- we saw ALOT of movies. Somehow that changed a bit over the years.

A while back, I truly felt the need to ground myself and escaping into movies seemed trivial and invalid (I know this makes me sound very boring and no fun, but this is the way I was feeling for a long time).

And I am not sure why because I have learned so much from movies. Things that I know are going to come in handy for me one day and things that I would have never learned otherwise. Like no matter how fast you run and how slow the bad guy ambles after you-you will still fall and he will still catch you. And the bad guy is never, ever really dead- so do not drop your weapon and tiptoe around him.

And it is entirely possible that if you are blonde and gorgeous and 22 years old you can still be the world's foremost authority on nuclear fusion. And if I was the blonde, gorgeous 22 year old it would be entirely possible for me to hack into NORAD and start World War III from my laptop (or save the world, I am actually pretty nice that way). I could go on forever, but you can see why it is probably time for my hubby and I to get back into the movie theater- who knows what crucial information we have been missing out on ...

Since it looks like we will not have any time off together until fall and our BonVoyage is becoming a NonVoyage - I have been checking out some trailers of things we might like to see this summer. A summer movie after a summer barbecue seems like just the ticket to get us out of the 'all work' routine we seem to have fallen into lately.

Julia (May 8th)

Julia with Tilda Swinton (love her) as a 40 something, compulsive liar and alcoholic looks interesting (and is my favorite kind of down-and-out, can't get out of her own way- movie character).

Dead Snow (June 12th)

Nazi zombies in Norway? Hell, yeah!

Food, Inc. (June 12th)

One of the more anticipated documentaries of the year, a look inside the corporate-run food industry in the U.S, definitely scarier than the Nazi zombies.

Moon (June 12th)

Sam Rockwell stars as an astronaut at the tail end of a years-long mission on the moon when strange things starts happening. It's a throwback sci-fi, directed by Duncan Jones; David Bowie's son. What's summer without a great scifi?

Away We Go (June 25th)

Away We Go is about a couple expecting their first baby and traveling around the country searching for 'home'. This one is directed by Sam Mendes and written by Dave Eggers and his wife Velenda Vita (woohoo) and stars Jon Krasinski of The Office, my favorite show (double woohoo!) and Maya Rudolph from SNL.

Public Enemies
(July 1)

The story of John Dillinger, but really all I need to say here is Johnny Depp (Christian Bale is in this one also and he HAS been amazing since Empire of the Sun, but after his lighting/cameraman rant- not sure I would see a movie just because he was in it- well, I guess I still would...). Plus the added bonus is Johnny Depp is playing a bad boy and you know we all love our bad boys (I actually married mine, but no one who could see him these days feeding Olive ice cream from his spoon would ever believe me).

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
(July 23)

My Potter obsession will not allow me to even GLANCE at the trailer for this one.

500 Days of Summer (July 15th)

Zooey Deschanel is all I need to say here. She is just too cute and a romantic comedy is a must-see in the summer.

Paper Heart (August 7th)

This is a pseudo-documentary co-starring Michael Cera and his real-life girlfriend Charlyne Yi, who co-wrote the script, as well. Definitely a must-see.

Taking Woodstock (Augst 14th)

Not since The Ice Storm has Ang Lee done anything quite like this and Taking Woodstock has an amazing ensemble cast, a great setting and you know the soundtrack will be totally awesome.

Just a quick peek around Etsy for some movie inspiration. What movies are you looking forward to this summer?

1. Anna May Wong Top by 57thirtythree
2. No Country for Old Men by ClaudiaVarosio
3. No need to say anything...
4. Popcorn Soap by LoveLeeSoaps
5. Vintage Car Movie Film by JourneyandLandscape
6. Ticket Earrings by APassionforFashion
A. Vintage Film Reels by 26olivestreet


Oceanside Creations said...

Great post! I love movies but had no idea what was in store for summer. Sounds like some good ones!

Sherry said...

You did all of our homework for us, and your choices seem so interesting. I do love film, but we don't go very often either. We don't even subscribe to cable TV. I do have the guilty pleasure of The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser, but now that the TV season is over, it's back to the books for me.

Maizie Designs said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Thanks for giving a heads up on these movies....some of which I hadn't known were coming out. I'll add these to the list. Food Inc. sounds great and I've always love Sam Rockwell so Moon is in.

Oceanside Creations said...

Loving your blog! I have posted a Lovely Blog Award for you on my blog.

Catalina said...

Oh what a great blog you've got here!

I'm so much looking forward to Ang Lee's woodstock movie:D