Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Humpday!

I know coveting things is bad, right? But these Wednesday Wonders would make anyone a little bit envious- of course, they are all for sale and could be mine ... or yours!

Check out the amazing clothing at Saltwater- a UK clothing company whose pieces are total fabulousness, the earthy and urban ceramics of Annabel Faraday and the amazing world of Blackoutwell artist Amy Blackwell (her artwork is available on my locket - YAH!)

Almost over the hump of the week and into the holiday weekend!

HAPPY CANADA DAY JULY 1ST! Canadian shoppers get FREE SHIPPING in both my shops today through a FAST paypal refund after your purchase. Check out Uncorked and Polarity on Etsy!

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twolefthands said...

Happy Humpday, wow, they are all fantastic!