Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Good New Year's Resolutions Go Bad

When doing a little spring cleaning last weekend (better late than never as grandma used to say) I stumbled upon a list of New Year's resolutions and I noted a couple things right away.

First of all most of this list could be from any year of my life (what is it I am doing with the 365 days we get?) and my penmanship has gotten really awful!

Since half of 2009 has bitten the dust let's take a look at a few and see where we stand:

1. Learn about wine

(people assume because I work with cork that I am some kind of wine expert as if I drink all the wine that my little corks used to store - but I only know that it comes in 2 colors - I do know my wine coolers, though)

2. Stop talking to family and friends about Etsy all the time

(I think this problem has gotten worse actually - when the neighbors' kids ask you if you have been on the front page lately you know things have gotten bad)

3. Stop eating so much guacamole

(I hear it's good fat and ok now, right?)

4. Join a gym


5. Go to gym


6. Read a biography of Amelia Earhart

(I can't believe I still know nothing about Amelia Earhart- other than the mystery of her death- I am actually going to do this one- like seriously)

7. Learn a skill that hubby usually does

(I was realizing that I kind of "let" him do certain things around here - I mean he should be doing something right? But they are things that I need to know how to do, too. Like I don't know exactly where the water meter is under the house or how to turn the water off down there - stuff like that - stuff that could come in handy one day - not that I'm planning to push him off the roof or anything...)

8. Stop eating out during the week

(the economy took care of this one for me)

9. When complimented on something I'm wearing, don't say "Oh, I got this at Marshall's for $5.99."

(I rarely get compliments like this anymore, so this problem solved itself, too.)

10. Be off the computer by 8PM

(I am breaking this one right now)

But, at least I am consistent and I am sure "be more consistent" is on here somewhere too and actually finding this list seems a step in the right direction.

1. Bad Ass Ballerina Tunic by Gaia Conceptions
2. Amelia by Purrr
3. Spoon Rest Wine Bottle by Combustion Glassworks
4. Ask Me Tomorrow Earrings by AlamodeStuff
5. Avacado Earrings by OneSelf
6. What She Sees by PoetSummer
7. Vintage Alarm Clock by Ethanollie


pixelhazard said...

Oh I so could not do that last one! I commend you for step one : writing it down. Good luck!

Kate8085 said...

Oh good gravy. I hate when I stumble upon lists like that.
We do we always put something about the damn gym on there?

Carapace said...

Ok, I'm utterly baffled by #9. Why do you not want people to know where you got a cool thing? In my social circle, asking someone where they found X is a high compliment;saying "your taste is so good, I want to emulate it!" And the ultimate gloating rights go to those who found their Cool Thing in a common store, on sale, for lo, they are the Supershoppers, keen of eye and quick of discernment. Why would you not inform people of your awesomeness? Are you trying to be humble? I am much confused.

Also: yeah, guacamole is healthy! It's a salad food! You're allowed to have salad, right?:D

Also also: if you find a way to do #10, you'll let us know, right?

uncorked said...

well Carapace- I didn't ALWAYS get it at Marshalls and I didn't ALWAYS pay $5.99 if you get my drift- and you're right guacamole is totally salad food!!!

Sherry said...

Cat, your list is quite sensible. My computer shut off time is 10PM, but since we don't have cable, this is how I am watching the Tour de France. of the things I vowed to do this year was to balance my fiction and nonfiction reading. Good luck with Amelia.

Anonymous said...

GOD I need to follow #10 myself!

Eat up, on the guac, it IS good for you! (just watch the salt!)

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Ha ha. Avocados are found in the produce section so you may have as many of them as you like. :^)

Love your list and your update.

lyptis said...

Thats funny!

Do ur neighbours kids really ask u if uve been on the FP today? Thats crazy!!