Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Finds - We've Got Spring FEVER!

1. calypso shirt
2. mushroom log - grow shitakes
3. anna marie horner fabric
4. flamingo
5. marin bike
6. green book marker by yuruliku
7. bird feeder
8. retro chair
9. fish n eddie's glass
10. weber grill

This week's Friday Finds is brought to you by the amazing wedding photographer Kella MacPhee. Thank you Kella!


Sherry said...

I'm probably the only person that will click to see what kind of brakes the bike had, coaster, cool, good for the beach. And, what the frame was made out of, aluminum, also good and fairly light weight.


Valerie said...

These are delightful! Spring can't come fast enough for me. We had a sneak peek last weekend, and not that it's in the 30s again I'm impatient! :)

3 squares said...

great finds, kella! i'm crazy about that red chair.

ArtSnark said...

gorgeous finds! love the glass