Friday, April 23, 2010

FRIDAY FINDS - It's a GREEN World - Let's Keep it that Way - Have an Amazing Weekend!

1. jerry kott recycled wine vases
2. tumbleweed tiny house company
3. 1% for the planet
4. loyalloot log bowls
5. rodrigo alonso's shoes
6. bristol & bath drum sink
7. recycled cassette tape necktie
8. gas can luggage
9. love the ladies and ideas of junk market style
10. kotik design beer cap necklace
11. patagonia ditch the car t-shirt
12. upcycled terry cloth pig- made from towels from 50's and 60's
13. guitar case book shelf
14. big belly solar recycling cans

Another amazing stack by the incredible photog and stacker of all things stackable; Kella Macphee - check out her amazing pics from a NYC benefit she shot this week on her blog!


donauluft said...

It´s a green.. and fun.. World ! yes, let´s keep it that way!

ArtSnark said...

Great selection. Love that drum sink

Andrea said...

I just wanted to tell you I love your blog, thank you for all the etsy tips. I read your series and really found some things to work on. I am trying to work ETSY full time and can use all the help I can find :) Thank you again, Andrea