Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1/1/11 Everyone!

I think I am going to pay all my bills today


just so I can write 1/1/11 over and over - it feels so much like a do-over year to me - a year when anything can happen!

We managed to be awake at midnight

(but only because a stinkbug crashed into our ceiling, sending me flying for the lightswitch and Olive running under the bed - yes, the stinkbugs are back - if anyone has any stinkbug prevention tips let me know - we can't seem to figure out where they are getting in)

and someone on our street was setting off fireworks, very brave of them with the new state trooper station across the road.

I had a couple people email me about a previous post where I said something like our businesses are either busy growing or they're busy dying.

I definitely did not mean to imply that we have to have a big business. I think a small, profitable

(and there are kinds of profit other than monetary profit although monetary profit is usually pretty important at some point in the life of a business)

business is a wonderful, miraculous thing we should all be proud of. Maybe instead of growth I should have used the word change.

Because I could see where growth might infer something getting bigger and bigger which does not have to be our intention at all with this creative thing we are growing.

(oops there is that word again)

I do think that when you create something from your heart you give it one thing and it gives you back another thing and this process is about growth even if nothing ever gets any bigger ....

Anyhoo, I hope everyone gets to write 1/1/11 at least once today!

* Year of the Rabbit calendar print by Brooke Woolley


The4inONE said...

Happy New Year dear Cat! ♥♥

Mariana and Paula

Gena said...

I was just thinking about 1/1/11 this morning as well. Feels like the ultimate beginning! And how about "evolve" as the word to describe your business? Or maybe that would just open a can of worms...

Happy New Year!

Also, nice blog! I'm enjoying it.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Mariana and Paula- still loving my owl! Yes, Gena evolve is perfect!!


Sherry said...

Beautifully said, happy new year my friend. It's going to be awesome!

resolute twig said...

Happy New Year! :)

KJ said...

I'm actually using the word "transformation" in regards to my business this year.

Over the summer, I was talking to a friend about basically all the ways the world was beating me and my family up and I said something about "fixing" this that or the other.

She stopped me and said, "You need to get out of the mindset of fixing. Fixing implies that something's wrong or broken."

We talked about it a bit and "fixing" really does put a negative spin on it and kind of makes it easy to feel defeated from the get go.

Transformation on the other hand -- wow -- to me it implies taking something you've got, as it is, and putting your heart and soul into it until it becomes what you want it to be. Extreme change. Making something old into something brand spanking new.

And the beautiful thing about transformation is that you don't have to "fix" what's wrong just start right where you are and do a little bit each day.

(And I may totally use some of this comment in my blog post for tomorrow, which is a continuation of my **very first blog post*** today, which is about transformation.)

Beautifully said, as always, you!