Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Break - Back in a Week!

Of course, I haven't really gone fishing.

(you can exhale now Mr. Big Billy Bass)

I'm really still here, but I need to get my head and closets and inbox uncluttered and do some early spring cleaning.

I will be back next Monday with my -

1st Annual Spring Cleaning Giveaway

(this is not a lazy way of cleaning out my crafty closets ... really)

so mark your calendar!

* Gone Fishin' screenprint by DMeyerDesigns

(Mooza Designs Giveaway Extended 1 Week!)


Sherry said...

I've sent Mr. Clean your way to help with the heavy lifting!


Catherine Ivins said...

thanks I could use him - the dust bunnies are Easter Bunny size around here ...


KJ said...

Enjoy your time off.

Marina said...

It's time to come back :)