Wednesday, February 2, 2011

maybe Lucy (and Punxsutawney Phil) don't have no 'splaining' to do ....

My year of deciding has me sometimes thinking I need to explain my decisions to other people

(and of course, sometimes I do - I am not talking about thoughtlessness and selfishness here ... not exactly)

but sometimes this explaining thing has a bit of waiting attached to it - as in waiting for others to

A - pass their judgement

(so time and energy is wasted preparing to have to support my decision to others)

B - give their approval

(my choosing to explain myself allows others to mind my business instead of their own and I am not so into teaching them that)

C - voice their critism

which is actually a huge opportunity for growth

(can I love someone enough to allow them to not be happy with a choice I am making and make it anyway)

Making decisions creates important lessons in intuition and trusting our instincts - at least that is what my decision making right now is all about for me - and having to support my choices with explanations isn't embracing of this.

It is forcing me into the part of my brain that didn't make this decision in the first place,

so when someone is questioning my decisions

(lots of extended family time has brought this home to me lately)

- it is enough to say that it is the best decision for me right now or the best decision for my family right now and leave it at that.

Put a period at the end of that sentence and move on.

So that is what I have been doing the last few days and it has been working out pretty well for me.

(UPDATE - I have just been advised that Punxsutawney Phil has not seen his shadow which means spring is on its way - and I will support his decision and not ask him to explain himself since groundhog instinct and intuition is, I'm sure, at least as accurate as my own)

2 comments: said...

YAY! Spring is coming! It's a balmy 2 here in Davey, Nebraska! Excellent post, by the way. I think all of this cabin fever has us listening too much to the sad advice and judgement of others. I'll be revisiting this all day long.

Ha - my word verifications in 'cozys' - perfect.
:: lynn ::

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Today is Groundhogs Day! Thanks for that update. :)

I am so with you on just doing what feels right, and not having to explain it to others... and being able to change your mind about things too...

I have actually stopped blogging about ideas and plans, because of the fact that half the time I end up not doing said things, or trying said things and then not sticking to them for various reasons... and all the explaining and validating I was feeling like I needed to do. I am practicing keeping my mouth shut and keeping some things to myself. Or at least not blogging about them so much. That's what I'm working on! haha! ♥