Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Whining on Wednesday or a birthday prophecy that wasn't, string cheese and electric cigarettes ...

Most people I know hate February

and even though I am not a snow person or a cold weather person and should definitely be living somewhere warmer than New Jersey now that I think about it -

I love February.

I think it is because my birthday is in February

(and hubby's birthday, too actually)

and even though I am not any kind of party girl and may soon require a stapler to keep my eyelids from interfering with my vision, for some crazy reason I still look forward to it.

Saturday was my big day and in the morning I ran out to get the newspaper because I needed to read the "if TODAY is your birthday" horoscope that I never miss

and it read:

"... use excellent judgement to formulate plans for the future this month and you can't go wrong"

(uh, am I supposed to just wake up with excellent judgement all of sudden - this one could be trouble)

and it also read:

"you are willing to claw your way up the ladder of success ..."

(which had me wishing for the gazillionth time in my life that I wasn't a nail-biter - this is definitely one de-clawed Cat - I climb my ladders one step at a time with both hands on the outer rungs hanging on for my life, thank you very much)

but it is nice to know there is some ambitious inner catwoman buried deep (very deep) inside me in case I ever have to scratch my way past any of you on my way to the top of the crafty world.

You may remember -

(I like to delude myself that someone is actually reading and remembering what I writing here)

that I go to a psychic every year around my birthday,

but ever since she asked me for a job I haven't been back to see her ...

and she is most likely a highly efficient, creative person and would be a tremendous help to me, but how would it be possible to work with a psychic -

I kind of imagine something like ...

me - Can you go the post office now and mail today's orders?

psychic Sue - I don't think that is a good idea.

me - What do you mean?

psychic Sue - I have a sense that this is something you should do.

me - Oh, ok ... well, while I'm gone can you ...

psychic Sue - Um ... I think it would be best if I just go home now. I am seeing that you need to be alone today for your best success

(of course, I can see a potential upside to working with a psychic, too - like maybe I will never launch another piece that doesn't sell ever again, but I'm just not sure I could handle thinking she knew something I didn't

although if I eliminated people who know more than me from my life that would leave me pretty much .. well, alone, actually)

plus she carries a huge nylon tote filled with string cheese and I get freaked out by dairy products that do not require refrigeration

I saw that episode of Real Housewives with Allison DuBois

(the real psychic my favorite tv show Medium is based on)

and she was a real nutcase and most likely caused psychics everyhere to lose alot of psychic business, but I guess they should have seen that coming, huh?

(if you watch the tv show Medium and have not seen the Real Housewives episode you must google it now)

Bottom line -I did not get my usual birthday year predictions, although of course with my year of deciding upon me now, any predictions are out the window anyway except the one hubby made that I cannot get any more neurotic.

(trust me, I'll find a way)

* this ain't no disco print by jaimers
* psychic fortunes print by Emily Balivet


M.M.E. said...

Happy belated birthday! It was mine on Sunday!! I also received a satisfying prediction thanks to a fortune cookie from P.F.Chang's. I think you'll be just fine without the psychic's help because you're the most strong-willed and ambitious person I know. Here's to another amazing year and a wonderful month for us lucky February birthday people. :)

Catherine Ivins said...

thank you Megan and happy belated b-day back at you!!


KJ said...

Happy belated birthday! I was one day shy of being a February baby.

Sherry said...

I'm predicting you'll get the cake of your dreams this weekend, Cat.