Thursday, May 31, 2012

a sneak peak at some new work for the NYIGF plus working with the stars

Right now we are all in the middle of an eclipse tunnel that started May 20th (new moon, new beginnings) and ends June 4th with the full moon (endings) - so there are alot of breakdowns and breakthroughs going on!

This tunnel acts like a kind of birth canal and is a great time to get creative work done if we can get in the flow of it -

I once had a mystical fertility counselor advise that if you have trouble starting a baby - start something else, if you have trouble finishing a baby - finish something else and this feels like good advice for our creative babies, too.

what part of our project/business is stuck? Leave it. Do some other creative something - either starting, developing or finishing - from a hand written letter to a from scratch cake to a garden.

It unblocks the creative flow that is always there for all of us .....

Then we have alot of Venus stuff going on in early June and you can google this if interested where astrologers can interpret it much better than I can - but things are definitely happening above us this summer folks!

Anyhoo, I have been working on these little cork backed washer book necklaces and a new fabric hinged locket style for New York International Gift Fair and my shops -

(these look awesome when worn - I am so happy with them)

after discovering these hoops in hubby's shop that I have been cutting and drilling and hammering and sanding and got things just about how I wanted them and then I ask hubs to get me some more and he says

"huh - what hoops" and I show him and he says "those are hose stabilizers, we can't get them without the hoses" and I'm all "what?!"

(this is the crafty girls nightmare scenario with supplies that we have to deal with again and again, but it keeps us on our crafty toes - this is probably why mine look like hobbit's)

but I will figure this out, have to talk to the junk guys at the salvage yards we deal with - they know everything (want to figure this out before the full moon on Monday).

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful week - I cannot believe tomorrow is June already - time has definitely sped up folks! xo


ecokaren said...

Well, you'll just have to use the hose to come up with something else, won't cha?

*let's see if I pass your capcha today. I always fail that test, lose patience, and move on without commenting. Just sayin'*

ecokaren said...

whoo hoot! I passed the test! But what is that image after the word???

lynn bowes said...

I have a personal promise that I made to myself (think New Year's Resolution) to never again use the over-used word 'awesome' but you know, the new necklaces? They are.

I'm in an uncreative tunnel this season - a bad place to be with three big outdoor shows in July - so I'm off to read more about this starting and finishing stuff. And to check my biorhythm chart. It must be something because I'm sure I'm not lazy =-)

Catherine Ivins said...

ack Karen, me, too! Lynn- you are definitely not lazy - things are in flux and Venus is about to have the last transit in our lifetime next week - I think it is a good time to check into it xo - I'm with you on awesome - I try to say amazing, but even that can be irksome ...

M.M.E. said...

Cat, these are amazing! I love the way the rings give the necklace more structure.

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks Megan! xo

Jennifer Mullin Johansson said...

Congratulations on another stellar design Cat!

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks Jennifer- I hope your summer has started! xo