Thursday, January 10, 2013

Proof Positive that Positive Thinking ALONE Won't Get Us $5000 A Week For Life

A friend emailed me recently and while we were catching up she asked, "why all the positive thinking stuff on your blog lately?"

I didn't think of this as my recent subject matter, but we all know how scattered multi-faceted this blog is, so it did get me thinking.

I am more about "focusing on what we want" (in particular how we want to feel) these days than positive thinking -

although if we are more naturally inclined to doom and gloom, the sky is falling, Wednesdays are for whining kind of thinking and can evolve just that - well, things will certainly be shaken up for us in big ways.

(I still miss Wednesdays ... sniffle)

I don't think, as Marianne Williamson says "pouring pink paint over our problems and pretending that they don't exist" works either. The stuff we push down always bobs to the surface sooner or later -

although maybe this stuff that is bobbing to the surface is like an inner tube in a fast moving river and actually there to save us and the only reason we think we are drowning is that we are clinging to a slippery rock afraid to let go and reach out for it.

Besides I learned long ago that positive thinking alone is not a sure thing to getting what we want.

When I was a kid I was afraid to go into the bathroom because I always thought something scary was lurking behind the closed shower curtain.

(I admit I still peek behind one now and then ... or maybe every time I go in there)

My mother, being a highly creative and highly frazzled mother of 3 children under the age of 5 would ask, "why does it have to a monster in there Cathy? why can't it be something good? does everything we can't see have to be something bad?"

She started asking us what good stuff could be hiding in the shower. "An ice cream truck!", "A fairy!", "A treasure chest!", "A library!" we shouted, my little brother stopped us in our tracks with "Bozo" (we were old enough to know that clowns could be scary, too) - finally my mother clapped a halt to our shouting with a decision.

"No", she pronounced solemnly, "the best thing would be ... the Publisher's Clearing House guy with the balloons and the check". We all cheered.

From that day forward we pretended the Publisher's Clearing House crew was hiding in our shower ready to spring a $10,000,000 check on us.

It kept us from being afraid of the closed curtain (sort of) but if having 3 kids thinking about that an average of 3 times a day each for, I don't know, let's say 5 years, which would create (grabs my calculator) over 16,000 positive thoughts of a Publisher's Clearing House check didn't draw that guy to our front door

I am pretty certain positive thinking alone is not totally a sure thing.

(of course I am not totally sure my mother ever actually mailed in an entry form)


lynn bowes said...

Made me laugh - your mom was a genius, wasn't she?

Every New Year I make the same 'resolution', to make contact with an old friend every month. Very doable and I've been reasonably successful in reconnecting with people. But this year has been kind of different so far. My dreams have revolved around snakes (meaning change and evolution) and fire (meaning cleansing and fresh earth).

All that to say that your positive change posts are giving me pause. Must be some electric frizzle in the air that's charging the buzz. I get it. (Does that even make sense . . .)

Sherry said...

I think we are on the same wave length again, Cat.

Waves to Lynn :)

I think the key to it all is do do small things to make the larger change we seek.


Catherine Ivins said...

I love the idea of an old friend every month- I may run out by spring though ... snakes and fire and me always pulling the tarot death card ... it will be interesting this journey of ours! xo

from small acorns yes, Sherry! xo

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I didn't even have to read the post, and I'm thinking, You have to play to win! LOL... your mom is right though, why not think of positive things, instead of bad ones! I'm afraid to go outside in the dark, even in the garage in the dark... stems from a creep camping out in our neighbors back yard, and then being caught days later, when I was a kid. ugh.

Catherine Ivins said...

Janell- now you can think of Ed McMahon (is he still around) hanging out in your darkened garage ready to spring a huge check on you - actually that is kind of scary - scratch Ed McMahon - I think the check is being delivered by George Clooney these days - at least that's who I'm picturing in my shower .... xo

KJ said...

Not to be entirely off topic but...

One year I decided I would send in every entry the Publishers Clearing House sent me. I did. I never ordered anything. I have no clue to how much money I spent in stamps but it was more than enough for a really good breakfast out. I didn't win but the entry price was worth the daydreams of what to do with the money when I won.

I do think that the Publishers Clearing House did not send me any entries the next year. I guess I will count that as a win.

Jane Pierce aka zJayne said...

. . . as a Mom, we just never know just when what we say has an impact that makes a difference. GREAT one!