Tuesday, January 8, 2013

new moon, new year - 2013 here SHE comes!

calendar by anna newell jones
On Friday we have the first New Moon of 2013 and it's a goodie! Now this new moon is in the sign of Capricorn and Capricorn is the sign that is all about hard work.

Oh no, you are thinking - "not more hard work, Cat, I can't work any harder".

Don't worry- this is the kind of work that pays off, not the kind of work that gets you clean dishes for about 32 seconds until someone lays a coffee spoon in your clean sink.

This is the work that matters.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is kind of the daddy of the universe (well, the sun is kind of the daddy actually, but Saturn is that stern daddy energy). When daddy (ego) is in balance with mommy (the moon/soul) all is right with the world.

When daddy has too much power (like the patriarchal society we had been living in) our drive for power, wealth and control overwhelms the emotional needs of the Moon (soul). It can create a society of greed where too few have too much and stuff gets clogged up - the energy just doesn't flow well - which is part of what we have been dealing with on this planet.

But Saturn is also the awesome and amazing daddy who shows us that hard work pays off, who gives us something to push against and teaches patience and commitment -

his is the gift that keeps us on our path.

Saturn doesn't promise success of course, our journey on planet Earth doesn't come with any guarantees, but he does promise self-esteem.

He's how we earn the stuff that we really get to keep.

(and if you are in your mid-late 20's or mid- late 50's you might find it helpful to study Saturn because he is about to kick your ass)

Anyhoo, a new moon in Capricorn usually just kind of reinforces this power, wealth, control mindset back to us, but it is a brave new world and this new moon is different. The feminine energy will not be held back any longer.

2013 is also a 6 Universal year bringing balance, peace and harmony - this is all about the heart chakra and balancing heaven and earth - bringing our ideals and practical matters together

(for many people this will be  the year when the doing what we love and the money will follow will fall together).

We need the balance of the inner and outer work to create this - the inner work to allow and the outer work to create.

This is a rebuilding year - 6 always brings more responsibility (especially when it comes to family and health) - it brings relationships, community building, love and romance - all good stuff for the planet. Balance and love will be the planet's vibration this year.

(this doesn't mean everything will be all roses and chocolate because vibrations bring up anything that is not of that vibration so we can look at it and deal with it)

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto, Juno and Venus are all in Capricorn at this New Moon so it is really empowering us to take charge of our lives. It's a time to breathe deeply, ground and center ourselves - move from our hearts - we are setting the foundation for the next 12 months. 

Jan Spiller has the New Moon Wishes Reminder HERE that you might find helpful. Voicing and putting our intentions on paper at any New Moon is powerful.

To everyone who left a comment or emailed me about our upcoming 10th house exploration (we are also going to look at north and south nodes) - we will do this anonymously - I will contact you or you can contact me with your birth date info if I don't already have it - if you know the time (and time zone) of your birth that works best!

xo all


DancingMooney ♥ said...

you just keep me coming back with these words of yours! keep doing what you do Cat. ♥

stregata said...

This is fascinating, Cat - I love the way you explain the planets. But what do you mean: Saturn is going to kick my ass????

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Viktoria said...

Thanks for your encouraging words!
haha cat, I know what you mean, I guess I ´m right in the middle of my saturn returning !

enjoy the new moon!

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Renate - google Saturn Return and you will get some info on what I mean here. xo