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Saturn Saturday - and a full moon tonight in LEO

moon and stars prints by eve sand
There is a Full Moon tonight in Leo!

Because brave Leo rules our heart this is a wonderful time to release anything we are holding in our heart that is not for our highest good - the shoulda's and coulda's, old grievances and griefs - the opportunity for healing during this Leo full moon is immense. Make a list of what you want to release and set that baby on fire!

(I was just reading an article about how much dogs pick up the personality traits of their owners and I think this has more to do with them being under our energy the way young children are, but anyway, it got me thinking about Olive's one bad habit. She is just terrible to walk on a leash. She is constantly stopping to look behind her - it takes forever to get anywhere - drives me nuts! When we finally turn around and she is going somewhere she has already been she stops doing this and walks just fine - it makes me wonder how much of this looking backwards I am doing in my own life)

This week's charts are HOPE AND CHARITY (names changed to protect the innocent).

Disclaimer - Astrology is not a belief system. It isn't a spiritual practice or a religion or a non religion or anything that needs to be all big and serious.

It can be a way to gain knowledge and do experiments and have fun, but because so much of the stuff that is easiest to find out there having to do with astrology is focused on sun sign astrology which is so inaccurate when looked at all by itself, many people are turned off to it.

When we use it the way it is intended - as a way to gain knowledge about the energies at play in our lives - it can be useful and totally amazing at times - we always have the free will to use these energies as we wish!

hope print by cheri johnson
Hope is our incredible and amazing second volunteer guinea pig maker.

One thing I want to say about Hope first is her North Node is in the house that opposes the sign of her North Node - which sounds complicated and it kind of is - because it means that  everything I say here could be reversed in some ways and she will probably need to balance herself and check in with herself to find the right blend of behaviors that works for her!

(which she should do anyway because there is no guarantee that I know what the hell I am talking about anyway)

Hope has a north node Capricorn so Hope is here to develop the gifts of Capricorn - self-control, self-respect, goal orientation, sensibleness, keeping commitments and promises, self-care, responsibility.

Hope's south node is in Cancer so she is here to let go of the negative aspects of Cancer (things are not really negative or positive, but it is sometimes easier to explain them this way) - dependence, moodiness, insecurity leading to inaction, limiting yourself from fear, too much time at home, avoidance of risk, controlling others through emotional overreactions, lack of self-respect.

One leaky cup (if you followed my leaky cup post - if not I will call this a bottomless pit) for a Cancer south node is DEPENDENCE - Hope has to let go of any desire to be taken care of and also let go of the flip side of this (because flip sides are not really flip sides) - fulfilling other people's endless needs.

(this comes from lifetimes when this was a really real thing- where her needs were taken care of by the family and clans - if she does not resonate with past lives, she can probably find this same energy at play in her childhood - I would guess she was born into difficult family karma where she needed to spend a lot of time being sensitive and empathetic - things she excels at, but that drain her - she is not responsible for other people's moods).

Hope has to take a  risk, take charge and assume full responsibility for whatever happens - when she does this, regardless of the consequences - she will win - this is what she's here to do, so life will support her with this (think Oprah - she has these same placements).

Usually Capricorn north nodes have to let go of the idea that there is one special person or group of people that is going to provide them with security. This lifetime is not set up for Hope to get all her nurturing from her family. If she sets up her whole world to revolve around her family all the time it won't work for her- in other lifetimes she has sacrificed worldly stuff to be in the home - this time her greatest joy will come from the outside world - the problem might be getting her out there!

Hope is the perfect boss and manager so entrepreneurship is a great fit for her.

(a home business may be the best fit, but she might never get anything done!)

To achieve success she needs to be in charge - she needs to be a CAPRICORN. Some great mantras for Hope:

"I cannot control others, but I can control myself", "When I take charge of myself, I win", "When I feel self-respect, I'm on the right path",  "My mind is peaceful", "I have all the time in the world it is ok to slow down"

With Saturn in Gemini, her mission is to identify her message and then tell the world! She is going to travel both physically and mentally and experience lots of different people, places, and ideas. Hope has well-developed communication skills and her role is to open people’s minds. She can see a situation from every possible angle which is great but making decisions can be a nightmare (the shadow side of the open-minded Gemini). She will pretty much know she is on track when her mind is peaceful and her actions are in sync with her words.

"Your mission is to teach others, through your own example, how to set goals and achieve their vision. You are learning to be flexible and adaptable, and open to others’ opinions, while staying committed to your goals. When you maintain a peaceful mind, regularly connect with Mother Earth, and practice patience and persistence, you can more easily manifest your mission. " 
 (astrology thru the houses, 1997 for saturn in gemini)

No looking backwards for Hope, this is a waste of time for her, she needs to let go of stuff that isn't working and set goals for her future.If she sets specific goals for areas she is feeling bogged down things will be easier. Her whole life will take on power and vitality through her goals - no one is going to take responsibility for Hope's destiny so the sooner she takes charge of herself the easier it will be and the more nurtured she will feel!

2013 will be a year of expansion, a social happy year with a bright and cheerful vibration for Hope connecting old friends and family - there is a living life to the fullest, laid-back, loose year feeling to most of the year. The months feel to me like : March & Dec - devotion to family times, April - introspection, time for yourself, May - more money, tangible stuff, achievement, decision making, June - tie up loose ends, July - letting go, sense of starting something new, collaboration, partnership,  Summer - breaking free from restrictions, element of luck and gain, new ideas, unexpected meeting or connection sometime between spring 2013 and 2014, then in 2014 she moves into a time of more work - less leisure, more of a building year, opportunities to serve on a larger scale, Jupiter trines Jupiter in her 9th house so probable education opportunities, travel, balance between body and mind, group awareness and activities - definitely a business focus in 2014!

print by eco print
CHARITY is our 3rd guinea pig volunteer!

Charity's Saturn is in Libra so she is here to create both relationships and art, and to perfect the art of relating (we saw this in last week's chart, too).

"When you have succeeded in creating inner peace and harmony, and have honed your artistic and relational skills, you are ready to manifest your outer world mission. Your work might take the form of an artist or writer, crafting fine art that inspires others. You might engineer beautiful environments – as an architect, designer, or decorator – creating atmospheres where people experience harmony and ease. You might be a relationship counselor, applying the wisdom you’ve earned by working through your own intimacy issues, or you could apply your relational and peacemaking skills in a diplomatic or political position. You might express your commitment to social justice by working as an advocate for the dis-empowered. "
(astrology thru the houses, 1997 for libra in saturn)

Charity's "true north" the energy that's new for her on a soul level, so it feels kind of alien and is challenging, requiring a leap of faith to move in that direction is in Pisces. So when Charity embraces Pisces "go with the flow" energy she will receive the most support from the Universe and finds things running smoother for her.

Her "path of least resistance, we've played this game before" energy is Virgo (south node).

To expand Charity can develop the gifts of Pisces : being nonjudgmental, showing compassion, meditating (freeing her mind), focusing on the spiritual, trusting in positive outcomes, welcoming change

let go of the negative aspects of Virgo : over-analysis, obsessive worry, critical first reactions exaggerating the importance of details, making others wrong, anxiety over mistakes, staying in bad situations and being inflexible

(all the positive Virgo energy she has she will never lose!)

A big old leaky cup for Charity is most likely a compulsive need for order and perfectionism - she most likely wants everything to be in perfect alignment with the plan she thinks is right. This will not work for her in this lifetime. I would guess she works very well alone - this is a great artist/craftsperson placement plus she has that Saturn in Libra so she is certainly on path with this. If she has a 9-5 kind of job she will always need time for solitude - any jobs that require too much in depth analysis or perfection will probably make her restless and anxious - no computer work or bookkeeping types of things for Charity please!

To achieve success she needs to be a PISCES. Some great mantras for Charity:

"all is well and unfolding as it should", "let go and let God", "I am safe", "mistakes happen"

In past lives Charity had to focus on doing things right - she had to focus because someone's life probably depended on it (think surgeons, doctors, by the book nuns and monks) - so she naturally has an attachment and sense of urgency with doing things right in this lifetime - subconsciously she thinks if something goes wrong, someone's going to die (because they probably did).

In this lifetime she has chosen to move away from these energies so this thinking will not work for her, it will just make her nuts! Don't over-analyze! When things aren't working according to her plan she needs to step back and remind herself that a higher plan may be unfolding - trust. She probably had past lives where she was expected to have all the answers (think childhood here, too) so she is looking for ways to promote healing and restore order. This is the surrender to a higher power 12 step lifetime. Plan less, schedule less, let go of that sense of duty - have more fun.

She has had many lives in service to others and in this lifetime she needs space to rest and recharge and retreat from the outer world - she deserves it! She could probably slip into a state of higher consciousness easily with meditation. It is her destiny to head into the unknown - but she probably digs her heels in being more comfortable with organization and form. She has probably in the past been blindsided by negative experiences and of course this makes us leery of what we cannot see! So she focuses on the details seeking control when that is exactly the opposite of what will work best for her now. Her mind is so complex she needs to slow down and focus on simplicity. She is literally here to bring the experience of spiritual reality to the planet through her own awareness!

Most of us spend the first half of our lives all caught up in our comfortable been there/done that south node energy (here in Virgo) and then when this stuff stops working for us or we reach our mid-life crisis space or some other closure cycle we start to let go of this and reach for its opposite (here in Pisces).

2013 - will be a great year for Charity to move into a looser, freer energy. Last year was hard work, slow and steady, maybe one step forward 2 steps back - this year momentum totally picks up, her horizons expand, new friends, more activity, maybe a move, adventures, more freedom than in recent years. Saturn has been transitting her 8th house for the last year and a half and this probably did not feel so good in relation to any 8th house stuff (other people's money, inheritance, death/rebirth, debt, sexuality, duties, custody, compulsions, addictions) - Saturn is the daddy who says lets slow this train down and let's take a good hard look at this stuff - he can cause restriction, but also gives discipline and often a gift when he leaves - and he's leaving in about a month! He'll move on over to your 9th house but this will be a more comfortable place for you to house him for about the next year. Jupiter is entering your 4th house - and she rules expansion - so moving into a better home, fixing up your home, working on your foundation, learning about your past and childhood - by summer you'll be dealing with these shifts - by the months I'm thinking : Jan & Feb - appearance, health stuff, outlook, introspection, March - gains, accomplishments, money (maybe Saturn's gift will be found here), April - cleaning out, endings, May/June- effort, helping and being helped, July- fun, social, expansion, success, romance, creativity, A- work (last year's stuff reappears), Sept- window of opportunity, Oct- home, family, finish project, Nov- introspection, Dec- tangible results - a very exciting year!!

I hope both Hope and Charity like their readings and find something useful in here- remember this is just for fun and please never assume I know what I am talking about ..... xo to both of you


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