Thursday, February 21, 2013

money does what we tell it to do (and how what it's doing lets us know what we are telling it) part II

little known factoid: owls are very good with money
Now, we are on a mystical journey here and sometimes looking for logical reasons on a mystical journey is not totally useful.

In fact the very act of looking for the reason for a problem (for example a money problem) keeps us in the energy of the problem and leaves us stuck; firmly planted in that vibration.

Maybe we aren't here for the lesson - maybe we're just here for the experience

Maybe earth isn't a school (unless you think it's a school and then yes, for you, it will be a school and you will sit with your problem until you have figured it out or maybe until someone comes along and sees that you have solved this problem and reflects this back to you and gives you a passing grade or maybe you will sit and wait for an A+, and if this is the case, you may be sitting with your problem for a very long time) - instead of thinking 'school' - let's try thinking 'playground'.

(and if you're thinking now wait a minute isn't a playground a part of the school, but no, this is the playground on the other side of town by the soccer field and the basketball courts)

And not everything that happens on the playground is fun and games because yes, people get hurt on the playground and yes, people learn lessons on the playground - but ultimately we are all on the playground for the experience of being there.

There are some rules on our playground (beside no hitting and no name calling because those are the kind of things we have free will to use as we see fit and hopefully we will see fit not to hit). The real rules on our playground are universal laws and they do not require our belief or understanding of them for them to work. They are posted everywhere and they are posted no where.

When it comes to money and abundance everyone talks about the Law of Attraction and yes, this is one of the laws of our playground but it is not the only law and it is definitely not the most important law when it comes to money, but let's touch on it first anyway.

You probably played with magnets when you were a kid (or maybe yesterday if you have one of my lockets) - you were probably fascinated by the way some objects were attracted to them, others jumped away and even more things were just indifferent to the magnets altogether.

If I stuck magnets all over you (and I have the magnetic inventory to carry this out, so be nice), you would expect that some things would stick to you, others would leap away and many more would show no reaction. 

This is kind of the way
the law of attraction works. 

We unconsciously transmit our energy - some of our qualities are magnetic (of the same vibration) with certain people, places and things, some of our qualities are repellent (showers and deodorant will not help us with this) and some situations have no magnetic pull from our energy one way or the other.

(kind of like me and Downton Abbey - yes, I love Mary and it's great to see Elizabeth McGovern again, but must every storyline always have a happy ending ... of course I haven't seen season 3 yet)

Now we are not stuck with these unconscious transmissions we are sending out  (but remember they are unconscious and unconscious things don't get changed with our brains, they get changed with our hearts - we can't think our way out of this stuff and actually over-thinking, which women in particular often do, thanks in part to our large hippocampus - is a very big signal that we need to start feeling instead of thinking - we can't make the mind do the work of the heart) - just like a magnet that can be flipped over to a different polarity, we can flip our transmissions to attract changes, too.

The easiest way to get into our heart space is with gratitude - for what we have and for what the future holds - always putting our attention (the law of attention is another law in our playground) on what we want to feel and not what we want to have - connecting back to yesterday's post - we want oxytocin (love) not dopamine (ego) flowing through our bodies!

Part III - more laws and specific ways to make your money do what we want it to do


KJ said...

For me, learning is not an exercise to solve problems, it is of value itself. If I won the lottery I would register for school tomorrow- or maybe after I got back from a long trip. (Which of course is a completely different lesson.)

As I may have mentioned before, it is not money which motivates me. Money, however, does make it possible to have a comfortable life. I have been blessed if not with abundance with enough to be comfortable.

Catherine Ivins said...

that's what I always say about the lottery- long trip then back to school- there is definitely a lot to be learned! I have been working past looking for the lesson when things happen and just seeing what happens as an experience because I used to get stuck in - what is this situation trying to teach me, which is usually easier to see in hindsight anyway when we can reflect on what we did learn, but not so easy when we are sitting stuck in it, so best to look at that aspect later I think - real lessons are always a good thing for certain. I don't think most people get to 'enough', but a lot of makers understand it

DancingMooney ♥ said...

You mentioned in a post a while back that there will always be 'enough' and it's so true. While we might think we want or need more, we probably do not... I always tend to believe heart felt that when I need (money) it will be there. Sometimes it comes down to the wire, but somehow I've learned not to be so stressed or connected to it, because it's so true, one way or another we always seem to have enough. ♥