Sunday, February 24, 2013

money does what we tell it to do (and how what it's doing lets us know what we are telling it) part III

locket wisdom: an open road is a good thing

Now the law of attraction is not the only law on our playground

(yes, we've gone from kitchen cupboards to playgrounds this month - can't wait to see where we end up in March)

The law of abundance is an important law, too.

The flow of abundance is always directed toward us (it's our birthright) - but our thoughts, beliefs, memories and levels of deserving-ness can create barriers.

This deservingness is rooted in self-care and is traditionally first (root) chakra stuff - the physical world - making our way, standing on our own two feet, handling life's changes, eating, addictions, anxiety, boundaries, money.  

This chakra is about presence - the be here now thing.

(with this shift we are living through money is moving into the 4th chakra (heart chakra) - so we'll focus on that one next time)

Imbalances in our root (first) chakra show up in our inner world as foot problems, legs, ankles, bones, blood, colon, immune disorders, spine, adrenals, etc. In our outer world imbalances here show up as fears, major changes in our safety and security (job loss, divorce), money problems, neediness, anxiety about the future, compulsions, addictions and eating disorders.

Now, to one degree or another because of this shift on the planet these last few years we are all a little unsteady and many people feel totally upside down - this probably is true for everyone except for the most extremely balanced and some who just haven't been that affected yet.

The root chakra is like a baby - feed me, take care of me, comfort me. Nourishment is a huge factor in the self-care of this chakra.

When I was a kid my mother always took the smallest, worst, most overcooked or undercooked piece of everything - when I became a mother I started doing the same thing. When hubs would take the last of the milk, it drove me crazy, I'd say "why don't you think about anyone else?" - he'd say, "well, someone has to drink it", and of course someone does have to drink it and why was I always making sure that someone wasn't me?

One day my daughter had a classroom party for one of her friends at school. When I picked her up at the end of the day I asked her how the cupcakes tasted (I had seen her eyes when we saw all the gorgeous colors when I dropped her off that morning)  and she said, "I don't know - they were short one cupcake, her mother didn't make enough, so I said I didn't want one." Now, I knew my daughter and I knew she had wanted that cupcake. I also knew exactly where she had learned to do this. Ouch.

I stopped doing it. So did she.

Nourishing ourselves properly, standing up for ourselves,

(I don't let people cut me in line, hubs cringes when I say anything - I'm very polite, mostly, and try not to go all Jersey on them unless I absolutely have to - I know, for me, I need to stand up for myself - for hubs, he needs to be able to get in the back of the line sometimes - we are not all here to experience the same things even when our experience is exactly the same)

barefoot walks in grass or sand, hiking outdoors, making our home inviting, clearing clutter, cleaning things, putting our hands in dirt, massages, baths, caring for a pet

(before I had a regular meditation practice and even now when I let it lapse, I used to have kind of anxiety/panic attacks when I got overworked and overwhelmed- I had one this past Christmas season on a crazy making/shipping day - it always helped me to sit with my back against a tree holding a dog, luckily for me even when my dog was an 80 lb Labrador mix, this somehow always works)

- all these things can help us get back into our bodies.

Many times we disassociate from our bodies when we are very young, girls especially do this.

I read recently that very, very young girls when asked what their favorite body part is will say anything - their stomachs, their legs, their butts - but by age 4 or 5 those same girls will instinctively answer - their hair, their eyes, their faces - their bodies are already starting to become foreign spaces to them, places that could be unsafe.

(when I had gone out with hubs a few times he said to me "there is one thing about you that is just perfect" I was thinking he would say 'your eyes or legs or hair' - well, I didn't actually think he would say my hair ... but he said ... "your teeth" - the better to chomp down on one of your main life supporting arteries I wanted to say - ugh)

Back next time to connect the law of abundance with money and the 4th chakra it's evolving into.

xo all

(a note about nourishment - I have been working with the Body Ecology Diet - diet meaning eating plan, not weight loss, it's focused on making our acidic bodies more alkaline and I have noticed some immediate good things - especially with the lemon in room temperature water which I drink all day now - no more headaches and my puffy eyes are much better)

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