Sunday, February 10, 2013

ways to work with today's new moon ...

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Today's New Moon in Aquarius is too good to miss. To make the most of this energy use affirmations that reflect the Aquarius archetype and then take some action in support of that affirmation.

These are the ones I am working with, so you can see what I mean:

I am aware of new trends and easily cooperate with them.
(energy - the future, technology, trends)

I easily see the actions that will give meaning to my life. I have the courage to take these actions.
(energy - long range goals, follow heart)

I create wonderful win-wins with other people.
(energy - humanitarian)

I easily attract exciting, revolutionary experiences.
(energy - rebel)
(this one could get interesting but let's be bold - it is an Aquarius new moon after all)

I attract and begin happy and healthy new friendships.
(energy - friendship)

I enjoy clear, right insights that lead to my dream of ____ coming true.
(energy - objectivity)

I am easily able to consider other people's opinions.
(energy - detachment)

I enjoy perfect circulatory, vein, ankle, calf (all things ruled by the amazing Aquarius archetype) health.


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