Friday, February 22, 2013

what's good for you is good for your business (this is not always reversible advice) plus mercury goes retrograde

mercury goes retrograde - time to lighten up
I had some really good advice today from my accupunc-turist

(and yes, I like to say my accupunc-turist,
not that I own her or anything like that, although I've almost paid her enough by now to own her big screen tv, but it makes me feel important like I am one of those people who gets to say 'my accountant', or 'my lawyer' or 'my trainer' - sigh)

Anyhoo - she said, "what's good for you is good for your business."
It was like one of those Oprah moments, and then she laughed, "but what's good for your business
isn't always good for you."

I just thought I would pass on this little gem before it slips into the vast expanse of darkness I call my memory.

I had been relating to her a story one of hub's customers had told us about his business problems and how this was a dog eat dog world, and hubs and the other men present, I believe caught up in some kind of testosterone group hug, without any actual hugging, of course - boy germs and all, were all nodding and agreeing with him and going on and on about survival of the fittest.

And I was like, "Wait a minute, this isn't a dog eat dog world. This isn't even a dog eat squirrel world. This isn't a survival of the fittest world. This may be a non-survival of the very least fit (the one gazelle the lion is able to actually catch), but there is a whole lot of surviving going on."

This was followed by a lot of dead air.

(I mean seriously folks, if this was a dog eat dog world- do you think I would let Olive out of my sight for one single moment, no I didn't think so)

How this related back to the accupuncturist's words of wisdom I don't remember - it will probably come back to me when Mercury goes retrograde this weekend.

Yes, Mercury is retrograding for the next few weeks - during the retrograde period it is like Mercury has gone down into the underworld to play with Hermes and Persephone - it makes us more right-brain orientated, perfect for us crafty makers in winter. It is dark down there, so our other senses will be stronger. We will feel extra sensitive now, maybe even psychic and yes, even more thin-skinned at times

(personally if I get any more thin skinned, things are going to get ugly and by things I mean, my bones and veins and muscles, which will be sticking out all over the place, so unattractive, I hate when that happens).

Everything will seem hyper-real during a Pisces retrograde … we will start to notice things we had overlooked before.

This noticing will allow us to re-evaluate, renovate, re-charge, return, reinvent, just think "re" - all good stuff.

The things to look out for during a retrograde are miscommunications (the underworld has terrible mail service), gadgets malfunctioning (the underworld has terrible internet service, too) and it's dark so we are more likely to make mistakes - try waiting until you can see clearly to make important changes if possible.

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