Thursday, April 11, 2013

a new moon in aries and if prone to vacation jealousy close your eyes at this point

Every month the new moon brings an opportunity for us to connect with the energy of intention and opens up a gateway for us to “call in” a new beginning.

(when I talk to hubs about new moons - he says "not another one!", you might be thinking that, too - but it is also a wonderful little reminder that it is never too late to start over ....)

Yesterday's New Moon is in Aries - its magical powers last about 48 hours so get crackin' (first sign of the zodiac, self-starter, high energy and all that jazz) and lots of other planets are in Aries, too, so it feels like a new, new moon.

Walk in the moonlight if you can (there won't be much it's just a sliver now, but it's very powerful).

Make some wishes, (which are different than intentions - they are more magical and trusting I think, without the force of our own will behind them) set some intentions too though, plant some seeds ...

cat's vacation island (north captiva, florida) - please don't hate me

So, hubs and I are flying to Florida for a week, gulf coast - never been - just the two of us - first trip alone since 2007 - we are practically giddy.

Hubs always needs an entirely new wardrobe for vacation - this is the only time he ever thinks about his clothes, so to let him go hog wild (and because I have coupons) we head to Kohls.

I leave him in the men's department and wander around the rest of the store checking out vacuums and kitchen stuff for a long time. Suddenly I remember I am not shopping alone (like usual) and race to the front of the store where I figure he is probably in line to pay (without the coupons).

I look around. No hubs. I head back to the men's department and he is exactly two aisles from where I last saw him. "There is nothing here", he says. "Nothing?", I ask, suspecting exactly where this is headed. "No, let's go to the mall."

Now, this is not a ploy on hub's part to go to the mall - he hates the mall. This is a ploy to go to Sears - to look at fishing gear and not clothes and I am on to him, but since I need sandals and I am feeling vacation giddy I say "ok, the mall is better".

Hubs then spends an hour looking at fishing gear before wandering into the men's section and grabbing the quickest vacation wardrobe ever assembled.

Also while we were at the mall I will report that a woman comes out of the dressing room to talk to her husband. She is wearing a sundress that she had been trying on except she had accidentally left the top half completely unbuttoned.

And so, wearing nothing but a bra underneath, essentially flashes her ladies to the entire store.

Not only that but everyone was looking at her because she had just yelled her husband's name very loudly to get his attention

(it just kind of croaked out - I have no explanation other than possible spring allergies).

Oh, did I mention she was me?


(dear everyone in the store - that one was for free - next time you all owe me drinks)

Now- my plan is to blog from our trip and include pics with my new smartphone, but we will be on an Island with major shelling potential and mama really, really needs to find some sand dollars so everything is pretty much up in the air at this point ...

I will be thinking about all of you working your little fingers to the bone while I am sitting on the beach drinking margaritas ... please don't hate me (at least I'm thinking of you).


KJ said...

Have a good time and a safe trip.

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks kathy - you have a great week, too! hopefully it stays warm for you!

Viktoria said...

For sure it stays warm for you!
Enjoy your vacation, cat and think of us when you sip your margaritas!

Catherine Ivins said...

thank you Viktoria- I will drink one for you! xo