Thursday, July 18, 2013

Part IV - Profit like a Prophet - Reclaiming our Authority with Saturn Energy

The shadow of working with this energy is the temptation to become too authoritarian.

(we are the authors of our own story but we are not here to write anyone else's - Saturn abhors ghost-writers)

Rigidity (in our thinking and bodies), insecurity, tyranny, taking ourselves too seriously are probably signs that we have moved into the shadow and need a reboot

(and some serious cutting-loose time).

Iron deficiencies (Saturn rules iron) often equal irony deficiencies. I would recommend spinach and Steve Carrell.

(I want to see his new movie this weekend - no cutting-loose in this one though)

James Hillman, who studied with Carl Jung, pointed out that silver (the Moon, creativity) and lead (Saturn, depression) are always found together in nature. He implied that depression is crucial to creativity. I'm not sure this is true, but depression can be a challenge for creatives. Loss of focus and inaction contribute.

Positive thinking is a great tool for working with Saturn's challenges.

The positive thinking that actually works though is the "positive" that means certain -

not the word "positive" that means "good". 

Being certain things are getting better and being certain our world is falling apart are both the kind of thinking that creates just that

It's the certainty that is powerful, not the goodness or badness of something we are thinking about. Life just demands expansion - it's up to us how that expansion happens.

We need to be thinking about what we are thinking about. We need to be paying attention to our emotions. We need to be taking action that feels good.

Saturn is about our responsibilities - all the things we signed up to do here - the relationships, the challenges, the work, the projects.

He makes a complete orbit of the zodiac every 28-30 years (called our Saturn return, he returns to his place in the skies at the time we were born and basically proceeds to take our inventory - hard work, self-questioning, nowhere to hide - think of it as Saturn hitting all your houses at once). 

Now that Saturn is direct again - take a look at the house this affects in your chart - you can probably look this up online or email me and I'll tell you. This is the house where you will not be allowed to procrastinate or be indecisive right now (and thru 2014) - this is the space that you will have much universal support when you step into your authority!

Next week, Mercury finally moves direct again and since Mercury is all about our voice in the world, communication and magic - we will take a look at how we can make her work with our businesses and lives, too.

Have a great weekend all! The heat is making all of us in Jersey mad-hatter hysterical.

And typing the word hysterical reminds me that the word hysteria comes from the word uterus - because hysteria was thought to originate in the uterus - I know. 

I think men could not imagine that being a woman living in a world defined by men could make someone appear mad - that going bat-shirt crazy at midlife was actually a totally healthy reaction to an unhealthy situation.

Now that we are all living in an undefined world and men are crashing about mad as hatters, too - maybe it's time for a new word.

Of course who knows how much hysterical was actually in the hysteria anyway.

Once, many years back I called hubs at work because I found a drowned squirrel in the pool. Now, I had already fished her out and done a proper burial with my daughter and her little friends in the backyard, but I think I just wanted to talk to a grown up about it.

Anyhoo, we were talking on the phone and someone at his job needed his attention and he said to this person, "Hold on a minute. My wife's on the phone and she's hysterical". And I said, "Huh, I'm not hysterical." and he said "Well, you sound pretty upset."

To this day he insists I called him sounding hysterical. Of course, I just called all the people of NJ hysterical (not just the ones in possession of a uterus) ... I think we might be though - it is pretty freakin' hot .... xo all


KJ said...

I am not hysterical, just worried about the utility bill.

I have been procrastinating on one task in particular and I know exactly why, which means I am trying to figure out the next step. Perhaps it is not really procrastinating.

xo to you Cat- it will drop to the mid 80's on Sunday.

Catherine Ivins said...

I think you're right, sometimes what looks like procrastination is really discernment or intuition telling us to hold up for now - of course, maybe you don't have to really figure out the next step because taking this one will change that one anyway - 80's sounds pretty good Kathy, hopefully we'll get some drop in humidity, too xo to you

lynn bowes said...

Well I don't know where Saturn is lurking in THIS house but I'll just bet he's in here somewhere right this very minute, all watch-y and judge-y! If my inventory is being taken then I need to get off my dead behind and get some things DONE with this giant project that is consuming me (c'mon October).

What KJ said : procrastinating may just be figuring out the next step. Working without a map is killing this Virgo.

Let's share a glass of iced tea, shall we?

xox :: lynn

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I felt quite motivated the last week or so, but these last couple of days I've felt heavy procrastination. Today however, I have no choice but to get caught up with things...

Sometimes I find what I want to do, and what I need to do, are two different things, and yesterday I was totally being lazy because of it. gah.

Happy Weekend!

Catherine Ivins said...

locking him in a closet til Oct sounds about right Lynn - no judgey, watchy allowed - you crack me up. I think iced tea could get me to Nebraska! Janell we are on the same wavelength - except for that productive, motivated period you had ... I think I missed it :)