Tuesday, August 20, 2013

once in a blue moon ... a second full moon in Aquarius

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Although my memory of a blue moon (from classes years ago) isn't the definition being used by most astrologers today - we will just go with today's astrologers and call tonight's 2nd full moon in Aquarius a Blue Moon.

Every 2 or 3 years we have a 2nd full moon in the same Astrology sign which creates a little bookend for the first one - you may be putting to bed a project started between the new moon of July 8th and the full moon of July 22.

(of course most projects are put to bed about as easily as 3 year olds)

When the full moon is in Aquarius the sun is in Leo - so the more we love and value ourselves (Leo) - the more we have to offer the world (Aquarius). We also have all the polarizing themes that go along with that.

It only looks like there are 12 astrological signs - there are really only 6 polarities (or 326 if you are looking here) . Every sign's opposite isn't really it's opposite. They are more like the 2 sides of a coin; they may appear different, but they are still the same coin.

Ultimately (after that hero's journey stuff we all came for) with the Leo/Aquarius polarity we learn that the group is dependent on the individual, and the individual is dependent on the group.

As always during full moons stuff will bump up against our stuck emotional points - in an effort to help us release them -

going through life with sharp edges is not very practical after all. 

Although it may feel like a sumo wrestler has settled onto our solar plexus at times - there is the energy for some real creative stuff to be happening now.

Anyhoo, even if the skies are cloudy tonight, get out and walk in it for a while - it's a wonderful time (although there's never a bad time) to practice gratitude.


Hopemore Studio said...

Ah yes, those sharp edges. I get them stuck in all sorts of bad places. Wiggle free then get them stuck again. How to release them for good... I may not figure out until the end of my time here...

Catherine Ivins said...

I know Angie! and it seems sometimes I am not so much sanding them off as pushing them in because they pop up somewhere else ...

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Even though my work/life have been crazy busy these last few weeks, I feel oddly at ease about it all... hopefully I stay feeling that way through the new moon. Or maybe new inspiration will come along, that'd be great too. ;)