Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are We Having Fun Yet? | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 23rd

Last week was a zinger with reverberations probably until Pluto goes retrograde in the middle of April and at least until the Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.

(yes, we are in eclipse season now, buckle up)

Twice a year we have these eclipse cycles that break things up and release the stuff that needs to go in order to move us all forward. These have been on our South Node (past), so they will be about letting go. Stuff will surface now that had disappeared or been out of sight or hidden. Sometimes this stuff will flare up and then die back down - but it gets our attention and we have to deal with it before it goes.

April's eclipse will be about our relationships culminating last fall's New Moon in Libra. 

For the week ahead - we begin with the Moon and Venus in Taurus. Monday's void Moon is a great time for comfortable, practiced action. Taurus is super grounded so make some time to get out in nature and make physical contact with others.

Stuff is ripening. We want more and our Aries Sun wants action. If we are becoming a little too self-involved, focusing our efforts and generosity on others will do the trick.

On Tuesday the Moon moves into Gemini. With Mercury (Gemini's ruler) in Pisces, communications can be a little unfocused and drift off in all directions. If choices have to be made - it's hard to get clear answers. Mercury conjuncts Chiron.  

Some information, conversation or news (Mercury) will touch a sore spot (Chiron). 

Chiron is called the wounded healer. He teaches that health, disease, dysfunction and disorder are our teachers. Traditional medicine attempts to cure or eliminate these kind of woundings, but Chiron teaches there is nothing to cure or eliminate. 

The wound contains a gift and the healing journey is the process of discovering that gift. The wound is healed when the gift is embraced. Pay attention to what is coming up for us now and how communications we receive make us feel.

The best thing to do when the ground is shifting and our center is not holding is get our ass out of the center! Take a side. Choose a position. This is happening in Pisces so there may be tears or boiling hot anger. We let our feelings come up for release. But we stand our ground. Yes, the edge is safer than the center now!

This is a great opportunity for communication about what is really bothering us to be very healing. Don't expect communications to go smoothly. We can end up closer together though.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Aries forms a nice little trine with our retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. Something might suddenly make sense or click into place. Something from last Friday's Solar Eclipse could resurface or finish up. This gives us the impetus to go back over things and try again. We will have the energy and passion for the stuff that needs to be reworked. This is also a great time to plan or take a trip to a place we have been before!

On Friday, Venus still at home in comfy Taurus will square our retrograde Jupiter in Leo and by the end of the weekend will be trining Pluto in Capricorn. 

This is excellent energy for attracting relationships that add value and bringing in more money and more business - the stuff we value expands - and since we are in strong New Moon energy and have a red hot Aries Sun - it's an excellent time to launch something new and an especially potent time for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius! xo all

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