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FULL Moon in Virgo | March 5, 2015 | doing the right thing

We have an uber complicated Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday. So much is going on around this Full Moon I feel irresponsible writing just a Full Moon post! But I am a bit irresponsible, so here goes ..

First let's think about Virgo for a minute here. Virgo is all about doing the right thing. In Virgo we gain dignity and self respect from being good at something that is useful to other people.

If you were born with your sun in Virgo this is the basic way you process life, moon in Virgo; the basic way you experience your feelings about life and if your ascendant is in Virgo; the basic way you appear to others.

 (people who think Virgos are fussy or nitpicky are totally missing the point and also forgetting we all have Virgo in our charts - the Virgo message of things worth doing being worth doing well and the value of these things lying within their value to others is probably the exact paradigm that will get everyone who is out of work back to work now - it is no coincidence Virgo rules the 6th house of work and health)

The shadow for Virgo is the trap of perfectionism and "control" - something we learn in Virgo's polarity (opposite) sign of Pisces to release. In our hero's journey through the zodiac there appears to be a whole lot of steps (and signs!) between Virgo and Pisces but being two sides of the same coin the distance is not so very far at all.

This Moon has multiple inconjunct aspects which means the planets and points involved just don't understand each other - there appears to be no common ground. The Moon's inconjunct with Aries - currently housing Venus and Uranus could mean our efforts to do "the right thing" or to do something in "the right way" will come up against unexpected (Uranus) issues with _____ fill in the blank with something Venus rules - wants, money, values, talent, ability, women or a woman.

At the same time the Moon is trine (a more favorable aspect than an inconjunct) Pluto in Capricorn giving us some survivor mojo if we stick with what we know is right. We can't stop the unexpected  and with Uranus we truly don't want to because Uranus creates the changes we need when we don't have the courage or foresight to make them ourselves - we will just have to expect the unexpected with this one.

This Moon is part of that Jupiter Yod we talked about earlier and now with the spotlight involving Virgo - we want our work to be as above reproach as possible. 

We need to be doing our best now.  Some people are going to get a whole lot of attention.   

This can be a good or a not so good thing.

This isn't about judging ourselves or making ourselves nuts! We do this with a focus on the task at hand

We don't say, "I'm going to build the best wall on the planet". 

We say, "I'm going to lay this one brick as carefully as I can" and then we repeat this process again and again until we have made the best wall we can make.

Also note we've got Black Moon Lilith transitting through Virgo now and within a few degrees of this Moon - she's the archetype of the 'outsider'. For some this Moon could spotlight a situation where our 'outsider' status is uncomfortable and maybe even painful - a space where we are not fitting in or being accepted. If this energy gets activated for us - it's best to just keep doing the work and move on. It's just not our flock.

This Full Moon is going to spotlight work issues, quality issues and health issues - it's excellent energy for working with all of them. Be mindful of what is coming to fruition now (this Moon is the culmination of September's New Moon) and also what we are keeping in motion regarding our work and health that it is time to release or withdraw our energies and attention from. Full Moons always show us what we are holding onto. Don't be fooled into wasting energy propping anything up!

Lisa Thiel has some wonderful Gaelic music - I listen often and always on Full Moon days. Maybe this one will inspire you today (it's not May yet, but I think the faeries are starting to rouse) xo all - Don't forget to walk in the moonlight tonight or better yet DANCE!

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