Sunday, March 8, 2015

Get Yourself a HELMET | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 9th

Just prepare yourself for heading into a demolition zone everytime you leave the house this week - scratch that - make it everytime you get out of bed - scratch that - just wear the damn helmet to bed, too!  

This week is BIG.

On a purely mundane level - we just stepped into Daylight Savings time which creates one of the most accident prone weeks of the year with millions of people dealing with insufficient sleep and disrupted circadian rhythms.

Astrologically this week is all about Mars (warrior, action) - he's in his home sign of Aries (forward movement, fast, impulsive energy) where he is uber comfortable, effective and, yes, sometimes quite dangerous.

(And he rules the head - I am not really kidding about the helmet - at least don't walk around in the snow with your hands in your pockets. I saw people doing this all weekend. I had to almost bite my own tongue off to resist screaming out "Protect Your Head People!". People really need to let me dress them. And yes, you'd all be wearing - warning shameless plug ahead - my magnetic Aromatherapy Locket which is almost as effective as a Swiss Army Knife in the event of an emergency, but maybe don't tell the Swiss Army people I said this)

Action Jackson Mars starts the week trining Jupiter (who you might remember is retrograde in firey Leo). This is a good aspect for productivity, increased confidence and pure guts. If there is something that needs doing (please not something that just popped into our head - this is also a good aspect for impulsiveness!) and requires a pure shot of adrenaline Monday and Tuesday are our go-to days. Make it happen. This is the new astrological year (spring equinox) beckoning us forward.

On Wednesday, Mars conjuncts unpredictable Uranus (in Aries) and squares Pluto (in Capricorn).

(and we can manifest these energies in our own lives on different dates than those mentioned here - they will usually be evident within a few days either before or after)

This is one of the year's major aspects and triggers the final chapter (number seven of seven, folks) of the Uranus Pluto Square we have been dealing with since 2012. This could spark anger and aggressive behavior. With Uranus involved some of this stuff will appear to come of our nowhere. Mars trining expansive Jupiter (which felt so good a couple days earlier) will only add fuel to this fire.

These influences will be felt throughout this entire week peaking on Monday, March 16th.

We must be mindful of our actions, words and surroundings now. Keep calm and carry on is our mantra. Risky behavior is a bad idea.

The world worked with these same energies in 1932 through 1934 and if we think about where the world was then - Depression, Hitler, dictators, atomic bomb - it was all about misuse of power at its ugliest and most raw. The squares this time around finish up the energies started in 1965 - and if we think about what we were dealing with then - freedom, revolution, equality, race, war, sex - we can see why we are dealing with so many challenges these days. 

This is why we all feel like everything could fall apart at any time. Because it could ... and it is. But remember the world has fallen apart before and sometimes things need to fall apart.

This scary, unsettled feeling we have is the pull of the old familiar energy of our dying paradigm trying desperately to save itself by bringing our attention back to it over and over again, "Hey you, yeah you with your hands in your pockets, look over here! Look at me. I’m a problem needs fixing! Pay attention to me. Stay with me".

We need blinders.  

Remember what we give our attention to and set our intention on is what flourishes (and yes, weeds can flourish as well as roses).

We can’t waste our time and energy propping anything up now. These energies could activate old trauma for us, soul and DNA memories of other cataclysms and this is why we get more afraid than the situation calls for. We don't have to repeat our mistakes and the mistakes of our ancestors. We will resist the temptation to return to our comfort zone this time.

Let's look at the positives with this stuff. This is a great time to break out of a rut. This is a great time for a miracle. If we are in a situation that feels impossible, if we feel hopeless, if we feel the forces against us are too great - this energy can move this stuff right out of our way now.

These transits have created a big old space for us - if we don't step into our responsibility here and hold ourselves accountable something else will. 

This is why government has gotten bigger. This is the space the church stepped into the last time we stepped back from our power.

So asking and intending and praying and being in integrity (whole) is the best way to claim this space.

It will take discipline. We cannot be blaming other people for our mistakes and we cannot be giving other people credit for our accomplishments either! 

We always, always change the world by changing ourselves.

We have Mercury moving into Pisces on Thursday and Saturn stationing retrograde on Saturday, but I think this post is long enough already. The key to manage this week (and many, many people are on the tail end of this and have already been through most of it) is to know whatever is falling is too big for us to catch. Or too small to matter. Let it fall. We will clear the rubble and build something new. We need to be mindful of what we are creating. We don't have to do this overnight. We have more time than we think. xo all


DancingMooney said...

Trying not to over think things lately, and keep focus on the game plan.

You said recently how we can't be going around planting seeds and then digging them up later to see if they are growing... I am so that gardener. Trying really hard not to be - now that you've brought it to my attention. :) LOL

Catherine Ivins said...

And it's usually the case how we do something in one part of our life is how we do it another, too- that's why changing one thing can change something else - big important things can be changed by changing little things that don't seem so important. Life is such magic! xo Janell