Sunday, March 29, 2015

So HOT .... | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 30th

If only it was the weather I was talking about (!) or Paris Hilton had stumbled back into the spotlight with one last "that's hot", but no, it's Aries and Leo and the Sun and we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse next weekend - yes, we can fry an egg ... or two ... or maybe breakfast for the Duggars.

This is our final week in between eclipses. I think it's just about doing what needs to be done now and what we have the strength for - personally I'm still craving that vacation!

We start the week with multiple ending energies even as we are feeling our Aries Sun pushing us to start. We have Mercury leaving Pisces, Mars leaving Aries and the Sun moves into the South Node (past/release) as he makes his way thru Aries. This is the Libra/Aries story we have been working through for the past year - our relationship to ourselves vs. our relationship with other people. We release Aries tendencies to go it alone and embrace Libra tendencies to move into alignment with our flock.

This me vs we space is also one of the places we carry the masculine/feminine paradigm. The spaces in our relationship where traditional male/female roles are being lived out are facing some rocky roads. These are the places we have allowed our relationships to stagnate into polarizing roles as we stepped back from our responsibility – nurturer or breadwinner, worker or dreamer, victim or abuser, etc.

 (I have a friend whose husband lost his job at the beginning of this transit. His job had enabled her to make her art without too many concerns about the financial parts of her business, so when he lost his job she lost her job, too. This is exactly how this energy can hit us. Any space someone else is carrying for us will be handed back to us to figure out. How we work with this is always up to us. In this example he hated his job and she was doing something she really loved to do - but since his work was supporting hers, how could this be sustainable? She was also carrying his relationship with the kids since they rarely saw him and that space gets handed back to him.)

This isn't about good or bad - this is about balance.

By the time this transit wraps in October our relationships will have had a major overhaul, including our relationship with ourselves!

Whatever we are dealing with there is something we have been avoiding and we are being asked to face up to it before the Nodes leave the Libra/Aries polarity next fall. 

It's drum will be beating pretty loudly now. 

We want to correct this situation as much as possible before we move into the Virgo/Pisces transit in October. 

Of course, if we save this mess for Virgo, there's no doubt she'll take care of it. She's a super-cleaner. With Virgo's propensity for absolutes and perfection - whatever we hand her will be handled - we might not like what she does with it though.

Anyhoo, we have a void Leo Moon on Monday so this could actually be a good hookie day if that works for anyone. It's a good day for creativity, time with children and dare I say, fun. If you are feeling all this fire's positivity by all means spread it around!

Monday night Mercury moves into Aries and conversations become more blunt and even aggressive. We need to think before we speak now.

Of course, if we really want to get someone moving with our words - now's the time to use them!

Conversations can definitely get us and others moving and motivated. We have this energy for a couple weeks so let's use it wisely and keep a cool, but passionate head. The Leo Moon joins with Jupiter so there is expansion here.

On Tuesday the void Moon moves into Virgo - stuff gets done - paperwork, projects - we can zip right through it. There is a square to Saturn so we could be dealing with authority figures (I start jury duty - ugh!). Mars moves into Taurus for the first time in 2 years. This is the sign of Mars' detriment so may be kind of a kick in the a$$ when it comes to our money, our possessions or our values in some way.

(this doesn't have to be a bad thing - stuff gets moving - I am hoping to move some old equipment right out of my life with this transit and replace it with a vacation which I clearly value more than these machines - we can use this energy instead of it using us!)

Mars in Taurus can supply a very driven and grounded energy - we can move things forward now, of course we could also have a charging bull on our hands!

Aries in our chart will be the space that gets busier. Taurus will be the space we need to keep going.

Wednesday - April Fool's Day - enough said right there.

On Thursday and Friday we are building toward the Full Moon and emotions will be running high for many people - we have Mercury zipping through Aries and details can get overlooked so we need to pay attention. Our Libra Moon on Friday is about collaboration, partners, competition and other people. With an opposition to Mercury we could be having a serious one to one conversation now or a serious talk about someone. This communication can effectively initiate new action as long as we don't fight about it and maybe even if we do!

I'll be back later in the week to talk about this weekend's big Full Moon - what a way to celebrate Easter and Passover!

One final thought about eclipse season - let's not be in any rush to fill the spaces these endings are creating .. xo all

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