Thursday, March 19, 2015

Solar Eclipse New Moon | Spring Equinox | Astrology Forecast for Creatives March 19-20th - Part II

First the release, see Part I HERE

Normally New Moons are about planting seeds with our intentions and starting fresh chapters. 

This one is, too. 

But with an eclipse the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun interrupting the flow of energy. And this is a rare total eclipse - totally blocking out the Sun.

Instead of moving into the New Moon like we usually do in a more gradual way, we get a total stop and start - like turning our computer off and on.

It gives us a chance to break our habitual behavior. It's a total do-over. It's a chance to jump to a whole other track and still land on our feet.

(I realize I am mixing all kinds of metaphors here but you get the idea)

The March 20th New Moon (it can be watched live here 4:30am EST) eclipse is powerful for multiple reasons. The Spring Equinox happens an hour later. We are midway between Yule (longest night) and Midsummer (longest day).

This eclipse is a balance between endings and beginnings. It takes us back to March 1997 (when we had an eclipse in this same degree) - whatever life asked of us then, it now mirrors back to us our response

Unlike the Hogwart's mirror that showed Harry his dreams, this one is showing us the ways we haven't been living our truth - we need to be strong and brave now and not look away.

We release our regrets, our shame, our sadness over chances not taken and choices made. 

Different chances and choices beckon to us from the other side of Friday's reboot. New downloads are coming in. We may have been asleep in 1997. We are awake now.

We have many planets in spiritual Pisces now - calling on us to be receptive. Flexibility is helpful as well as moving to the observer position. Can we detach a bit from what is happening? We need to trust our intuition and instincts with this one. If some decision is playing out for you now, do what gives you relief.

This is a very potent time for ceremony and meditation and prayer and setting intentions and making affirmations.

It's an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Pisces including our imagination, compassion, pursuit of wisdom, spirituality, releasing victim-hood, spiritual healing, sensitivity, trust, addictions, our lymphatic system, colds, our feet and toxicity.

Now since I can't see your chart and see where this is playing out for you - since this New Moon is particularly powerful I would work with whatever you have most pressing in your own life.

Jan Spiller advises the power of setting 10 new intentions at the New Moon (she calls them wishes) so let's go with 10. I may do some multiple wordings of the same intentions this month. I have a couple I want to get very specific with.

Remember we have the eclipse energy to take us from A to D with this one. It's not about skipping steps - it's about lining ourselves up with our highest self which is what the world needs us to do which is live our happiest and most joyous life!

AFFIRMATION TIPS: always make affirmations from a  positive place - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - I write my affirmations on strips of paper and burn them, releasing the ashes into moving water - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known. Know these things are already yours. xo


DancingMooney said...

Thanks for telling me when it's time to write affirmations. Just so happens I think tonight might be a good night to do it.

got caught up in promotions teams on Etsy for the last few weeks, and realized I needed to break away and get back to more authentic things. What a soul suck some of that stuff can be - really made me realize what was more important... being authentic is more important. Doing things one day at a time, slow and steady wins the race. Having faith in the process. So many things.

the Pisces moon was a rough one (I say that like it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, which I don't but it just occurred to me that I should go see if there is a new Oracle report to listen to. :)) you were right! On so many levels, communication too. But much has improved and I see light and (okay metaphor) things growing.

Love you Cat. Hope you're looking forward to a refreshing weekend.

Yay Spring! I hope the snow is melting for you!!


Catherine Ivins said...

Can you believe we had 6" of snow yesterday? Just when we were finally able to see the ground! Ugh!

Last week was so challenging I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I actually went to acupuncture to try for some relief and to have her check my heart! Ack!

I have never done a promo team but they sound exhausting - they are effective in the feeds I guess.
yes, the oracle report is so good.
I hope you are having a refreshing weekend, too Janell!!