Tuesday, March 17, 2015

whiskey : keeping the Irish from ruling the world since 389AD - happy st. paddy's day

Venus comes home to Taurus today and millions of people celebrate the luck of the Irish with some soda bread and maybe a pint of Irish whiskey.

There is nothing in astrology more grounding than Venus in Taurus.

We have that now.

Let's call a time-out, kick back tonight with some corned beef cabbage and count our blessings!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! xo


KJ said...

LOL What a great title.

I opened my RSS feed and there were FOUR, yes FOUR blog posts of yours to read. You have been busy, I have been slow.

Catherine Ivins said...

FOUR? well, I think I'm the only idiot still blogging ...

hope all is well with you Kathy xo

KJ said...

I still absolutely adore blogs. I love the depth they allow- lots of words and pictures.

I signed up for twitter years ago but never really paid attention. I think facebook is creepy (and honestly google just knows too much about me.)

Pinterest is okay, but it is for lazy bloggers- just paste someone's work to your board, no words required. It is good for tracking my likes and there is plenty to see but it lacks originality.

Keep blogging Cat, I appreciate it and I think blogs feed everything else; with inspiration at the very least.