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Compromise and Flexibility | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 4th

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Did April blow by fast enough for everyone? Well, hold on for more of the same speed in May!

Mercury goes retrograde in a couple weeks and we are moving into the shadow of this on MONDAY so something or someone from the past may be on our mind or our time and attention may be drawn backward today - also communications and mechanical items may start to get wonky.

(time to back up our computers)

Today could give us an inkling of what's in store for us during the actual retrograde, May 19th thru June 11th, so here's to an easy - breezy Monday for all of us!

If our Monday is a bit of a nightmare with crossed wires and miss-communications we need to be prepared to buckle down and give Mercury our serious respect and attention from mid-month onward.

Any whiff of crazy today could turn into a full blown breakdown then so use the next couple weeks to set up some kind of safety net.

TUESDAY we have authority issues with a Sagittarius-ruled 9th house focus - legal issues (my jury service resumes), long distance travel, education, religion, weddings, big picture planning, media projects, etc. Mercury entered Gemini last week. Usually having Mercury in his home sign of Gemini would make communication quick and punctual and give us oodles of options, but Mercury has been opposed by Saturn. This has caused communications to get bogged down in red tape and those pesky rules Saturn loves so much. Stuck issues begin to move forward now, but facts should be double checked. Mercury in Gemini loves to jump the gun and just get moving - sometimes this is a good thing and some things shouldn't be rushed. Hopefully, we will be able to tell the difference.

On THURSDAY Venus moves into Cancer where she will hang out until June 5th. If there is something we want and we don't know how to get it this transit will make us feel antsy as hell.

This is an excellent time for home and studio renovations (if your studio is in your home or like your home away from home) and getting real satisfaction from nurturing ourselves and others.

Cancer is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs like to push forward, be first and start things -  this is a great time to start or push forward with a project that involves the Venus ruled themes of women, art or beauty. Feeling appreciated will matter to us now. Security (especially financial) will matter to us now. In fact the things that matter to us now will show us what we need to feel appreciated and secure.

We will want to 'mother' and be mothered. Spaces where we are giving too much or too little will deplete us. It is an excellent time to offer and attract compassion and value this space in ourselves and others.

There are a couple tense days at the beginning of this transit with an inconjunct to Saturn that may light up something we don't or can't have or something we are insecure about. Rule breaking or shortcuts won't get us what we want. We don't want to deny we want it, Venus is all about desire after all, but we'll just focus on what we do have and what is working for us and let the rest roll off our backs.

THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY have Mercury in Gemini trining the North Node in Libra, and squaring Neptune in Pisces. Being flexible and able to compromise will be the skills we need. Remember that flock we have been building - well now would be a good time to actually listen to what other people are saying (as opposed to us just hearing what we need to hear or not listening at all). Whatever comes up could be escapist Neptune in Pisces pie in the sky wishful-thinking, on the other hand everything that has ever really mattered has started its life as wishful-thinking - there could be a real shot at a future opportunity here somewhere. If you have your natal (and progressed) chart look to the house that holds 9 degrees Libra to see where to aim that arrow!

xo all

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