Monday, May 25, 2015

Feeling our Way Through the Fog | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 25th

At some point this week we've got Neptune squaring all the planets in Gemini including Mercury which is retrograde.

This means multiple spaces in our lives are being challenged by Neptune's dreamy and illusory meanderings.

Things can be foggy and changeable

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making this a poor week for making important decisions - next week is better.

If we must decide NOW, let's get a second opinion (maybe a third) and be sure we have all our facts in order, T's crossed, I's dotted and ducks in a row. This will be challenging because people will be saying one thing and meaning another, the truth will be slipperier than tired, bare feet on a wet dock and there are real risks (and consequences) to taking incorrect actions to get what we want.

Stuff can bite us in the butt very quickly with these aspects.

There may be multiple options but no good, correct choice.

We can easily convince ourselves that what we are doing is OK (when it's not) or that something is urgent and essential (when it isn't).

See this girl walking into the fog ----------->

well she might be about to step off that dock into some pretty frigid waters ... use caution.

We begin the week with a waxing moon in Virgo (through Wednesday). This is a good time for practiced work and production and if we are ready to move forward with something that has an element of service to others and/or quality handcraft (Virgo's specialties) this is a good time to take action that will bring us positive results.

On the other hand Virgo wants things done and done well and with all this Gemini energy making us feel rushed and pressured we really need to get a grip on where we are right now. 

Are we pumped up and ready to get to work? Are we enjoying the fruits of past labors? Are we releasing what was and slowing down? Are we standing quiet and waiting for our muse to beckon us forward into something else?

With Virgo the lesson is always life is what it is and we are where we are. No one is falling behind. No one is winning. No one is keeping score.

Recognizing and embracing the space we currently call home within the noisy background of the endless demands from the outside world is a precious and valuable ability to have in this time of massive change and unrest. The world has its own schedule now - we need to be clear about ours.

A wise teacher once said to me - there is no train to miss if you don’t have a ticket.

That train pulling away from the station is not an opportunity passing us by, but a confirmation we are exactly where we need to be (if this were our train we would have a ticket and a seat) - preparing to journey forward when the train (I like those old fashioned ones with the ear splitting whistles and hot, sticky leather seats myself) and timetables are right for us.

xo all

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