Sunday, June 7, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 8th | POTENTIAL

We start the week with the Sun and Mars hugging it out

(both in Gemini making us all feel like an "action Jackson" Aries)

sextile Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Sextiles may be the least potent of the harmonious aspects but with everything else that is happening thrown in we have a really nice sized nugget of POTENTIAL here.

(let's just say if this was Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel and his grandpa would be two very happy miners)

Jupiter (opportunity, expansion) plus Uranus (new, revolutionary) could feel like whatever is happening is too big to handle, maybe some opportunity we think we are not quite up to or maybe some change that feels like too much.

Trust that changes will be beneficial with this mix!

Lots of mutable energy now so it's all change, change, change and every time we think something is going to happen something else happens. Think things are falling apart? Think again. Think this will be a cakewalk? Think again. We are being asked to see things from multiple spaces.

Lots of fire, activations, and stations, too - so we will need to watch our tempers and ourselves around open flames.

Gemini can help break it all down into bite sized pieces - first we do this and then we do that. It's movement, movement, movement

(and yes, that might be two steps forward and one step back - that's the process here, and yes, I do notice I am saying everything three times, that's part of the process, too, too, too).

We don't want to look too far ahead and we don't need to have it all figured out now. Haters need to step to the back of the line or we need to show them the door - whatever that big thing is in our life that this lineup is hatching - we got this thing!

This is a powerful week - we had that Yod last week bringing us something FATED and that stuff continues this week. There is no rush. We can take a thoughtful pause when we need to.

Neptune is preparing to go retrograde on Friday - so this is a good week to pay attention to our dreams, and, yes, I mean our actual, now I lay me down to sleep dreams (we may need more shut eye now, too).

There may also be some clues near Friday about what Neptune retrograde will open us for us over the next few months - this will be about our art, healing, addictions, research, spirituality. See what or who shows up. Neptune retrograde is a good time to dial back the alcohol and escapist crap and cut way back on time spent with people who drain our energy. Yes, there really are vampires Sookie!

Intuition will be high but so will delusional thinking. Boundaries can be our friend. This plus more is hitting my first house, so if I disappear for an extended period, know someone has probably thrown a net over me. Whatever Neptune retrograde has us re-evaluating through November it will feel like we are dealing with it for the 100th time.

Mercury stations direct on Friday. His final aspect, which wraps up the transit, is a goodie - a sextile to Venus in Leo. This feels like one last look backwards or final something or other can wrap something up for us in a positive fashion.

After Friday it will be our job to see which of the potentials these last few weeks uncovered are actually workable!

If we have been putting something off until Mercury was moving forward, next week will be the time to get moving with that. If you feel a strong need to plow ahead now, go ahead, just be sensible and flexible.

Vesta's aspects now make this an excellent time for a spring cleaning or detox.
Next week Saturn's retrograde movement is going to take him (and all of us, most especially late degree Scorpios, Aquarius, Leos and Taurus) back into Scorpio for the summer reminding us that we are grown ups with responsibilities and wrapping up the stuff from last December. We'll talk about that later. xo all


AB71 said...

Cat, you had me at Gold We did away with cable TV earlier this year and it took a moment for me to make the reference. I loved that show and often marveled at the expense the miners put out with absolutely no guarantee of return.

DancingMooney said...

I've been doing some definite serious spring cleaning around here, just getting myself 'ready' for what's to come, and clearing away the clutter so I can find focus...

Thursday night our fridge went out, so life definitely happens while we are busy making other plans. But the good thing is that our fridge was more or less empty, (you know like when you're out of everything?! - yah, that.) so we didn't loose a whole lot... (thanks to camping coolers and bags of ice) and we had the funds available to buy a new fridge, so I'm grateful for that... (guess we won't be building that new deck this year though) unless magic happens and we pull it all together, anyways! :) I'll root for that.

Hope it's not too hot your way, 95 here. It's crazy. It doesn't even make sense. I'm just hoping it's a fluke and we won't be in for a dreadful hot summer, though I know we are due for something since our winter was relatively mild and not much to complain about. Maybe you'll end up with a most pleasant summer? :)