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Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 14th | One Part YES and Two Parts Pure Panic

every sunrise by the amazing aimee dolich of artsyville
So, we have a lot going on!

We now have Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury direct!

Are we ready to start? Within a week something is likely to kick into gear and life is going to look a whole lot different for a whole lot of people. In Gemini there will be choices - but we know the one that sets our heart on fire is the one we need to reach for - something that is likely one part pure YES and two parts total panic. Something new.

Do that thing Yes, that thing. There is luck here. And things are different now. We will grow with the situation. One step will lead to the next.

Mercury is direct and by the New Moon on Tuesday communications begin to pick up speed and then late June (Mercury totally out of his shadow) many hanging plots will be wrapped up.

We have a retrograde Saturn back in Scorpio today for the next three months. If you are a very late degree Scorpio, or have very late degree Aquarius, Taurus or Leo planets you will feel this strongest.

 (if you have planets in very early degree mutable signs - especially Sagittarius but also Pisces, Gemini and Virgo - you will feel Saturn's brief absence from Sagittarius and his restrictions easing up, so use this time to reflect on what Saturn in Sagittarius has brought you so far - likely some kind of roadblock

You’ll get a Groundhog Day style repeat when Saturn returns to Sagittarius in September - maybe there will be something you can do differently with that second chance?)

We will all be tying up loose ends from his Scorpio transit of October 2012 through December 2014. Yes, a recap of two years worth of lessons in three months ... oh my. This is heavy and, in fact, significant decisions or shifts in consciousness are happening.

If we ignored the stuff this stern taskmaster planet asked of us then, this will be one last chance to get our crap together. Situations will crop up that allow us to see if endings, boundaries and commitments we made are still valid and still being honored.

This will give all of us an opportunity to confirm why we ended that thing we ended or why we made that new commitment or took on that extra obligation in the first place. Are we sure this is the way we want this thing to go down?

Stuff we thought we were finished with can show up again. If this makes us feel like giving up, and it might at times, like we are going in circles, know that Saturn allows us to complete this stuff once and for all. This extra step back for another opportunity to get this right (ie step into our responsibility) will be a gift in the end. I want this. This is where I am going. This is what I am going to do. By going back over everything that confirms our choices - we will be certain.

On Tuesday we have a New Moon in Gemini. Here's some excellent New Moon posts. This Moon is sextile Eris (female warrior), conjunct Mars (masculine warrior) and squaring Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith (outsider, rebel) in Virgo. This feels like, YES, stand up for yourself and for what you believe in and for those who cannot stand up for themselves! We can use Gemini logic, intellect and maybe even humor for whatever shows up. This is also an excellent moon, Gemini is the twins after all, for another look toward that damn flock we need if we haven't found it yet! The Moon goes void within hours so don't start anything new right at this Moon.

Mini astrology lesson : The moon is called "void" or "void of course"when she makes no aspects to any other planets. This is important.

Our moon lives in imagination where all our possibilities are kept alive simply because we never choose to live them out. So, in astrological terms, the Moon has to make an aspect to a physical planet before she leaves the sign she is in, before she 'changes the subject' so to speak, for anything to actually happen in the physical realm.

When an action is taken under a void of course moon - nothing will come of the matter.

Now sometimes this is a good thing. I got a letter on Friday (Mercury direct) from the IRS that they are missing our 2012 tax return. WTH! Thank goodness they have our money. So, I need to file/refile. A void of course moon is the perfect time because I want nothing further to come of the matter. I want the matter to end there. No one wants any further dealings with the IRS, right?

But now with most things we do, we want something to come of them, so should avoid starting things at the void moons which occur every couple days or so for a few hours. Here is a list of void moons for June.

xo all

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