Sunday, June 21, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 22nd | Comfort Zone RESET

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We have four astrological events this week worth talking about!

And I am writing this on the Summer Solstice (today's chart sets the scene for the next 3 months) so lots going on.

We'll start with a challenging aspect we have been kind of muscling our way through since May 9th when Mercury (in Gemini, where it rules) began squaring Neptune (in Pisces, where it rules).

This has not been an easy aspect.

We might have been hit hard with information we received or things hidden may have come to light. News out of the blue we didn't have the grounding for, issues regarding balance and our relationships with others, lots of nostalgia and crazy weepy feelings these last 6 weeks have strained many people. This stuff is karmic. The good news is this aspect begins to wrap up on Tuesday and every day after that continues to lessen.

Our comfort zone has been permanently RESET.

One of the best things about astrology is it lets us see the cycles and gain some perspective on why things happen when they do and also see when challenging cycles are going to begin to smooth out.

The potentials for this Mercury and Neptune square started in 2011 when Neptune went into his own sign of Pisces and continues until 2024 when Neptune moves on. We have not had this exact aspect since the mid 1800's so know that whatever came up for you over the last 6 weeks, and this could apply to someone near you and your karma is to help them through it, for example (you could think past life or family karma with this) it is probably very old.

This aspect has been happening at some point every May or June for the last 4 years but until this year has only lasted a couple days - this one lasted 6 weeks. There is another dousy in 2021 - if you haven't been playing out some long karmic situation these past few weeks, your turn will probably come up then. I know you will still be remembering this blog post in 6 years right?!

It is important to think about what has happened to us since May. Depending on your birth chart this will hit everyone in different spaces but it is the same basic theme of choices that need to be made and news we needed to deal with. Our response matters, but mostly just having dealt with whatever came up will move us forward. 

Lots of breakthroughs can come from these annual transits, too. Artists will create the best work of their lives, big romances (one of the great loves of your life regardless of outcome), medical breakthroughs, spiritual awakenings. We also have asteroid Chiron, the wounded healer, shadowing this transit for 4 more years so there are many opportunities for great healing.

When you heal any aspect of your story you heal the collective story - when anyone lets in more light, there is more light for all of us. 

On Monday we have a big, powerful trine between Jupiter in Leo (growth, happiness) and Uranus in Aries (fast change, action) shaking something up and breaking us out of our rut. This is the final one that started back in late September - what has expanded in our life since then?

Uranus is always about landing us (yes, sometimes with a kick in the ass) where we need to be when we can't quite get ourselves there.

By this week the groundwork will be set for this so we likely have some idea of the potential for a positive something or other shaping up in the background, paving the way for something BIG and something NEW.

If an opportunity just comes totally out of the blue now, I would say go for it. Whatever is growing will begin to blossom between now and mid August. This is about hope and opportunity. It's all good.

And it's another comfort zone RESET.

Venus in Leo trines Uranus from Thursday through the beginning of next week and then joins with Jupiter next Wednesday. Venus adds love, money and our values to the mix. While there are no guarantees, of course, our best bet is to reach beyond what’s comfortable or common. The opportunity will lie within something's newness now.
On Wednesday Mars enters Cancer. Anything uncomfortable - feelings or issues should probably be confronted head on. Sensitivity could bring on anger or vice versa and mama bears will be dangerous. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This cycle through August 8th will focus us on Cancer favorites - security, home, real estate, family, roots, renovations, etc.

I am going to do a post later in the week about various summer aspects we will all be working with!

xo all


Hopemore Studio said...

Thanks Cat! I've been particularly sensitive to the changes these last six weeks. I've got resumes out, unemployment on the horizon and miscommunication issues with others in management. All these things are outside my comfort zone and my goal this weekend was to work on how I change my attitude toward them. Enough of the feeling unappreciated and onto knowing this is a fantastic time to head off in a new and unexplored direction! Late last week I unexpectedly made a connection through family to an HR recruiter, such a great relief to have someone offer to look over my outdated resume and give advice. I agree I am ready to step outside my comfort zone but it would never has happened without this cosmic shake up for sure!

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Angie- I still need to check your chart! Before August 15th when Jupiter and Venus and the Sun are all in Leo I am sure something is going to wrap up for you. We have an 8 year cycle (about our heart path) and a 12 year cycle (about expanding the place we are supposed to shine in the world) together - so it's all about doing that thing we really want to do. And everything is very much in flux and we have to learn to live in the space of uncertainty. That certainty thing we thought we had, before we woke up, is not really coming back for decades and the world will be totally different then. Whatever anyone is doing is not really long lasting these days - so life keeps booting us into the next thing when we can't let go. And then all fall and all spring next year we built this dream that we are moving into now. Uranus and Jupiter are working together and Uranus is where we sort of transcend the 'rules of the father' - it's like the 'freedom from ... (fill in the blank) whatever is holding us back or has us stuck. This will usually show up in some way to allow us to see what we don't want!

Hopemore Studio said...

Cat, please don't worry about my chart. This will all play out, I just need to roll with it. I appreciate all the posts you do here (and in the future on the other blog ;-) ). I combine it with my other readings, I'm just always surprised/impressed at how intuitive your posts are.

Have a great night!