Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Believe in Your SELFIE | Magnetic Venus Roars Into Leo on June 5th

On Friday Venus moves into firey Leo.

(we talked months ago about that Leo space in our charts being uber important this year and this is one of the reasons - it's always the space we are meant to take center stage and SHINE, but now it will make us more attractive to others, too)

Venus is the invisible force of attraction - love, relationships, art, friendship. Venus pulls these things together. Venus is always reminding us to honor our natural attractions - the people, colors, tastes, art, animals and interests we are drawn to.

Venus doesn't have hobbies - she has passions. She is the space in us that carries this energy. 

Our attractions are our primary clues as to how we can make a unique contribution to the world.

She has two aspects to her - one is contemplative - observing patterns of relationship - between people, within our art, in nature, etc. The other aspect is dynamic -  paintbrush meets oilcloth, girl meets boy, writer meets publisher, etc.

On Friday (and Friday is named for Freya's Day - the Norse Venus) she (and this invisible force of attraction within us) moves into LOOK AT ME Leo which you might remember is currently housing our largest planet the expansive and opportunistic Jupiter.

What does this mean for us?

Well, the Venus space in our charts is where we experience value. She rules the second house of the things money can buy and the things money can't buy. Now she transits the sign (Leo) that Jupiter has been expanding all year. Where is Leo in your natal chart?

(if you don't know email me and I will find out for you)

Because she is about to go retrograde this will be a long and important transit for everyone and especially for anyone doing creative work. We will do it now and then we will relook at it when she retrogrades over these same degrees later in the summer.

If we have something we are passionate about or are seeking to attract something (or someone), this is an excellent period for taking this seriously. 

We can work now to attract the community and resources we need. 

We can put the work we have already done out there. 

We can be more visible in the world. 

We can work more easily with other creative people because we can see the creativity in others and be more generous with our encouragement.

Through mid July (and especially after Mercury moves direct next week) we will be moving forward with this. 

It is also an excellent time to make anything, including ourselves and our work, more beautiful and attractive

Whatever we put our energy and passion into now (especially if it falls in the realm of that Leo house) will attract what it needs to thrive. 

With Leo the proud and Venus the sign of ownership - this will be a transit about our self respect. How do we feel about the work we put into the world? About our relationships? Are we proud of what we project and what we attract? A light will be thrown on this stuff so we can see clearly how the outside and the inside of things in our life line up ... and how they don't. Nothing is all wine and roses. This transit isn't about how this stuff looks as much as 'how we feel about how this stuff looks'.

She has a long retrograde coming up starting in late July so now is the time to make the things we are passionate about more attractive - including our work and ourselves. Whatever action we take will have the blessing of her magic.

We will be working with relationship, self-esteem, financial and appearance (the outside matching the inside) matters.

If we are lacking passion right now - see what shows up for us over the next few weeks. And do some fun Leo things to get re-immersed. Leo rules the 5th house of children, fun and games, love, creativity, romance, luck and inner joy. Making time for these things now will move us into the space we need to be.

It is more important to do what we are doing with passion than it is to "find' our passion. Doing what we are currently doing with passion allows our passion to find us.

Remember we are not the water - we're the faucet! Stuff flows through us it doesn't come of us. Thinking like that always helps me be more productive with my ideas.

Also remember she supports both the contemplative and dynamic aspects of creativity so whatever space you are currently working will be supported. Her long transit is an excellent gestational period for something to be birthed in September or October.

We have her here until mid July when she moves all of us into the Virgo cycle. She retrogrades a week later (a retrograde Venus is not the time to make any drastic changes to how anything looks, also relationships started with a retrograde Venus will change when she moves direct) and then the following week pulls us back into Leo (she will be retrograde so we will be moving over past stuff then - stuff began now) until early September when she begins to move direct again and she will be fully direct by October. If you have natal (or progressed) planets 14-29 degrees Leo (and the other fixed signs - Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus - heads up, too) you will feel the retrograde transit the most, but everyone can benefit from the Venus transit in Leo starting on Friday!

xo all - Back to that new series tomorrow. I thought it was important to get this out since it is one of the reasons this summer is so important.


AB71 said...

So the universe is clearly trying to change my trajectory. For the 2nd time in a year my employer has let me go only to re-offer a less desirable & lower paying position. It is time to GO, MOVE and take chances. Only I am clueless on how to proceed and am scared to death of the unknown. I know it is most important to look at my needs (not financial but personal), but like many out-of-touch humans I'm draw a blank on what that is supposed to be. I have ideas, but lack confidence and otherwise feel like I have feet in quicksand. Leo is my sign with an August 13th birthday, you'd think I'd be more in charge.


Catherine Ivins said...

Angie send me your birth info (time, city and state) - astrodienst only lets me store 3 for free anymore. Jupiter's been in Leo expanding things for months but expansion can come from things pushing you to make a choice or see what you are worth by offering you something less than you are worth. You can look forward to 16 weeks of Venus more or less in Leo non-stop from June 6th. She is the ultimate magnet for the good stuff. My memory is that Leo was your 5th house of children, creativity?? Late June and the first week of July could set something up that then develops in slow motion, on, off and on again fully by October, but let me see what I can't see by emailing me that birth info when you can xo - Cat