Monday, August 10, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 10th - Jupiter into Virgo | the details that change the BIG picture

We start the week moving into the Balsamic Moon phase - see my post about that HERE.

The dark night sky is the perfect arena to see August's annual meteor showers. More shooting stars = more wishes. Let's get outside and on this!

We have Jupiter (the planet of luck and wishes) changing signs this week and a New Moon in Leo on Friday - the two weeks following the Leo New Moon is a great launch period - see my post HERE about that.

There are some caveats this year with Venus still retrograde - I'll write about that with my New Moon post later in the week!

The big news is Jupiter moves into Virgo (to stay until September 2016) on Tuesday! This is especially good news for Virgo Suns (and Midheavens!) and everyone can expect expansion, luck, hope and happiness in their Virgo house

(if you know your rising sign you can calculate your progressed Virgo house - Virgo 1 more focus on yourself, Leo 2 more focus on money, values, self esteem, Cancer 3 more focus on learning, selling, siblings, Gemini 4 more focus on home, roots, your base, Taurus 5 more focus on children, play, creativity, Aries 6 more focus on work, health, routine, Pisces 7 more focus on partners, Aquarius 8 more focus on intimacy, financial assistance, Capricorn 9 more focus on travel, legal, education, weddings, Sagittarius 10 more focus on career, reputation, ambition, Scorpio 11 more focus on friends, groups, public , Libra 12 more focus on dreams, inner life - and your natal chart will show your natal house that will be impacted by this transit)

With Jupiter we learn through expansion. We out grow things. The themes we are working with get bigger.  

In Virgo, we will all be more focused on our health, our work, our schedules, our craft, our animals - we will all become more industrious - within the micro we find the macro. 

It is an excellent time to learn something new - to be the apprentice. It is an excellent time to teach.

Spaces in the Virgo areas of our own chart - by progression - what our chart looks like right now - and natally - what our chart looked like when we drew our first breath - as well as the universal theme of the things Virgo rules - work, health, service, training, pets - get bigger and take up more of our time.

In Virgo there are details to be taken care of and a BIG opportunity to fix what is broken. I would bet on BIG medical breakthroughs and working condition improvements for the collective during this transit. Our collective attention will be on stuff like this. Our collective attention will focus our intention. Taking care of the details will change the big picture.

Jupiter in Leo has been big and bold and "look at me" and now we all settle down and get the work done. We move our attention from the king to the common man. The drama settles down and yes, that includes Donald Trump, his front page days are numbered. In the midst of mind bending change, we enter ordinary times.

It will be through the small steps that big progress will be made now.

Jupiter will play a big role in the next couple years because Saturn will move back into Sagittarius in a few weeks (from this final Scorpio murk). Jupiter rules Sagittarius so we will have Saturn answering to Jupiter. This will be like Scrooge answering to Santa Claus!

Instead of growth through Saturn's usual methods of loss and restriction like we have had for the last couple years in Scorpio - we will have Saturn expanding us through growth, too - a double whammy of goodness for the next year! So, for example, instead of learning money lessons by having less, we will learn through having more. Now, we can, of course, since we have free will, muck this whole thing up anyway, more is just more, after all, it's what the more changes that matters - things will not feel so dark and gloomy! Just a few more weeks of Scorpio. Hang in there.

Our job - just show up and do the work! Life is going to pick up on Tuesday! This transit will not be about exhausting work - this will be work that brings us happiness and expansion.

I know we are tired now. With all the retrograde planets we have been dealing with these last few months - we have felt past regrets, the loss of things we can no longer chase - we have been dealing with all the ways we didn't show up in the world. We are letting that go. All that stuff we have been through, we needed to go through to get to where we are. Our patterns have burned us out. The more burned out we are, the longer we will need to sit fallow for a while. There is truly no race to get anywhere. We are all going.

The world is at a tipping point and the smallest change in our energy - the smallest movement toward a more heart (anagram for EARTH) filled life - moves everyone! 

We can look at what expanded in our life 8 years ago - August 2007, August 1999, August 1991, August 1983 and think about how a similar transit started.

When a large outer planet, and Jupiter is the largest planet, changes signs it is an invitation for us to try something new. For artists and makers - this transit of Jupiter through Virgo (Aug 11, 2015- September 9, 2016) can be a time when we do the very best work of our lives and push through all limits! Also we have a generation of people born during the turbulent 60's (including Obama) who were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo - it will be interesting to see what this generation does with this transit.

Creative people (which is everyone) will get so much done, the world will be changed forever!

This week is a great time to work on our vision for this. Hydrate, rest, sleep, meditate and dream.

Many things are forming in the background and in the dark this summer and then they hit in September, bigger still in October. Eclipse season is coming people! xo all

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